Tuesday, January 23

Which Jane Austen character are you like?

Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Long Quiz!!!
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According to this quiz, I am also a lot like Jane Bennett!


Mimi said...

Hi Emma,

I can't get this link to the quiz to work. Ut sounds interesting.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Thy the new url that I just posted... hopefully that will work:)


Mrs.Garcia said...

Emma, The new link worked great.
Thank you I really enjoyed taking this test on Which Jane Austen Character are You. I ready Jane Austen's Book Pride and Prejudice so very long ago. I would love to read some of Jane Austen's books again. The Quiz said I am Marianne Dashwood.
By the Way what book did you choice to come up with this quiz if you don't mind my asking. Marianne Dashwood: Passionate, Amorous, Devoted, A Bit Imprudent.Most girls can relate with Marianne on a more personal level than some of Austen's other characters. She represents the emotional longings and struggles that seem to attack and bless us at the same time. Loyal to a fault, passionate for experience and life, and a bit over-emotional, Marianne matures and grows (making her so beloved).

Mimi said...

The new links works great.

I was hoping to be Elinor Dashwood, too. But, I came out Emma Woodhouse first and Marianne Dashwood, second.

Ah well, like Emma, I do have an insatiable urge to match make every single person of my acquaintance. I try to keep this meddling in check. So, I'm wondering how the test found me out! :)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Mrs. Garcia! I didn't make up the quiz... I wish that I was that talented!

Elizabeth, you are too funny! I really enjoyed your comment:)

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