Wednesday, November 29

Library Haul

I hit the jackpot today at the library sale shelf.  I suppose that the librarians sorted through the Christmas books to weed out a few, but they really got rid of some good ones!  My especial favorite is A Christmas Tree for Pym.  I borrowed it for the Trio every year and am so happy to have a copy for us!

I took out the Didion book after hearing about it and a recent documentary about Joan Didion that was recently released on Netflix. 

Tuesday, November 28


Little Man: Papa, I faced my fears today.
Papa: Really? That's great!

Little Man: Yes! I changed the toilet roll.

(As hilarious as this conversation was, he WAS attacked by the toilet paper roll insert a few years ago. The spring shot one of the the metal pieces right into his face and he needed to have his eyebrow glued together at Urgent Care.)

Monday, November 27

Peeping Out

The paperwhite bulbs are starting to peek out!

Sunday, November 26

Persimmons in the Light

This gorgeous bowl of persimmons was given to us from a parishioner...  her neighbor has a tree laden with fruit.  I have never eaten them before, so the jury is still out on how we like them.  I have been directed to wait to eat them until they are soft.  Any other tips?

Friday, November 24


Every year, we buy one or two ornaments for our Christmas tree.  Here are the ones that I found for this year.  I bought them while at the mall with my sisters on Thanksgiving Eve!

Thursday, November 23

In Thanksgiving

O Lord, how lovely it is to be Thy guest. Breeze full of scents; mountains reaching to the skies; waters like boundless mirrors, reflecting the sun's golden rays and the scudding clouds. All nature murmurs mysteriously, breathing the depth of tenderness. Birds and beasts of the forest bear the imprint of Thy love. Blessed art thou, mother earth, in thy fleeting loveliness, which wakens our yearning for happiness that will last for ever, in the land where, amid beauty that grows not old, the cry rings out: Alleluia!  

Wednesday, November 22

On Our Way to Celebrate

The car is all packed and we are on our way to see our family for Thanksgiving!  This is one of my favorite holidays and I cannot wait to celebrate with my dear people!

Tuesday, November 21


Sugar Plum: Either I'm getting better at telling jokes or Papa's getting weaker at being serious, because I've been making him smile more.

(The above is our Girl's latest cross-stitch project!)

Monday, November 20


Little Man: Smell this incense, Mama.

Mama: Mmm. Smells good!

Little Man: Why does Papa smell like this all the time?

Mama: I think it's because he's in church pretty often.

Little Man: Oh. I thought that it might be because he was holy.

Sunday, November 19


I bought a bag of ten paperwhite bulbs at the hardware store earlier in the week and finally had a chance to tuck them into a pot with some dirt and a little blanket of Spanish moss to keep them warm.  I'm hoping that their glorious display of beauty and fragrance will be ready by Christmastime.  One of my favorite things to do is to plant bulbs and arrange flowers for the feasts of the Church.

Saturday, November 18


How lucky country children are in these natural delights that lie ready to their hand! Every season and every plant offers changing joys. As they meander along the lane that leads to our school all kinds of natural toys present themselves for their diversion. The seedpods of stitchwort hang ready for delightful popping between thumb and finger, and later the bladder campion offers a larger, if less crisp, globe to burst. In the autumn, acorns, beechnuts, and conkers bedizen their path, with all their manifold possibilities of fun. In the summer, there is an assortment of honeys to be sucked from bindweed flowers, held fragile and fragrant to hungry lips, and the tiny funnels of honeysuckle and clover blossoms to taste.”

Miss Read

Friday, November 17

World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day and we are celebrating LIFE with our little Trio of Preemie Fighters, born at 35.5. weeks, 32 weeks, and 31.5 weeks, respectively.  Glory to God!

Thursday, November 16

Countdown to Nativity

I am absolutely obsessed with the color pink of late.  It is such an obsession, that I am actually considering Christmas wrapping paper that is cream with little pink fir trees dotted all over it.  Is that too much?  I just don't know.

Anyway, we stopped at Michael's today to buy scrapbook paper for a Christmas countdown chain.  We've made them in the past, and our daughter was particularly insistent about wanting to include one in our preparation for Nativity.  I sent her over to the paper section to choose what she wanted and am so pleased with the results!  These are exactly the papers that I would have chosen.  She has already cut everything out and glued the loops together and I hung the chain vertically in our dining room.  The countdown to Nativity always seems to go so much more quickly after Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 14

Hot Water!

Our hot water has been restored!  I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to a long soak in a hot tub, rather than the cold ascetic showers I've been taking for the last eight days!  The heat is still not fixed, but that is not as much of a challenge.

Dark Evenings

The darker evenings are much improved with the addition of little salt lamps, candles, a tidy stack of wood on the hearth, and piles of blankets at the ready.  I revel in this time of year!

Sunday, November 12

Utter Decadence

With the Nativity Fast just around the corner, my drink of choice has been hot chocolate made with a splash of half and half with a spire of whipped cream gracing the top.  This decadent beverage is best enjoyed in front of a crackling fire! 

Saturday, November 11

Escaping the Chill

We have now been without hot water and heat for six days and there is really no end in sight.  Rather than remain at home today in the depressing chill, the children and I decided to spend some time with my sister-in-law wandering around an antique store and having lunch out.

I spotted so many beautiful things while we were at the antique shop.  There was a gorgeous bedroom set made of pristine dark wood and marble, shelves of antique books, dishes, and a lovely carved baby cradle that I couldn't resist taking a photograph of. 

We decided to take Danyella out to lunch at Panera Bread, which she had never been and which is a favorite of the children.  We all enjoyed our meal very much!  The children had their usual (broccoli cheddar soup and a bacon and turkey sandwich), while I opted for something new: a cup of cream of chicken soup with rice.  It was delicious and hit the spot on this blustery day.

I love to people watch while we're out and about and was happy to spot a darling little old lady eating out with a relative enjoying lunch right next to us.  She had gently curling white hair cut to chin length, and she wore a  silk scarf looped round her neck, a well-fitting  jacket for warmth, and the most delicate cameo ring I have seen on her pinky pinky.  The two women ate their meal delicately and enjoyed quiet conversation together...  a change from the loud and more vociferous eaters I usually see.  I tried to be inconspicuous in my observations of them, so as not to appear rude, but it really inspired me to see them dressed and groomed with such care, displaying such mannerly behavior. 

Friday, November 10

Murder on the Orient Express

It is rare that a movie is released that I am interested enough to see at the cinema, rather than waiting to rent it.  However, when I saw the trailer for Murder on the Orient Express, I knew that it would be wonderful to be able to see it on the Big Screen.  Fortunately, my friend Kathleen was also interested in viewing it, so we went together!  

What an opulent film!  It was full of old Hollywood glamour with a star studded cast.  I have not read the Agatha Christie novel that the movie was based on, so the story line was completely new to me. It has definitely piqued my interest in Christie's mysteries...  I've only dipped my toe into her collection and would love to read more in the near future.

Wednesday, November 8

Getting Cozy

 The weather has been so gloomy here this week.  There has been rain every single day, which means that the kids are getting a little stir crazy.  I was very happy that there was a free clinic with a local college basketball team on Tuesday and that we're planning an ice skating outing tomorrow,  that should help our cabin fever.

I've been getting out our feather duvets, mittens, hats, etc. this week in preparation for the cold weather that we are going to have this weekend.  Our youngest son needed a new winter coat and all three children needed new slippers, so I've mail ordered everything and am looking forward to receiving those parcels in the mail.

Tuesday, November 7

Mellow Afternoons

This is the month of quiet days; of mellow afternoons in the ripening garden; of wood fires in chilly evenings."

Elizabeth Von Arnim

Monday, November 6

Target Recovery

We're still in recovery mode after our busy, busy weekend.  Grandfather Bear is here for a few days and needed to replenish his stash of Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, so we did what sensible people would do, we went to Target.  Though I have been slow to get on the Magnolia/Joanna and Chip Gaines train, I was interested to see their Hearth and Hand collection at Target.  The display in our store was a bit smaller than some of the ones in more metropolis areas, but I was still very interested in what I saw.  

We also were able to take a turn around Barnes and Noble before heading home for lunch, and I picked up the latest UK Country Living and also a copy of Artful Blogging, which features an  article by Matushka Rebekah this month.  It's a feast for the eyes... just like her blog and Instagram feed!

Sunday, November 5

Saint Michael's Day Costumes

We held our Saint Michel's Day party at church today.  Here's Saint Maria of Paris, Saint Kevin, and Saint Luke of Crimea.  They take this very seriously, as you can see!

Thursday, November 2

Roses and Hops

I was thrilled to discover that I was fortunate enough to win a generous giveaway from Ridge Garden Wreaths last week.  This beauty landed on our porch today and it is an understatement to say that I love it!  Emmelia does an amazing job and I am so happy to have one of her creations in my home!
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