Tuesday, March 30

Tiny Bouquet

Our sweet daughter came home today and handed me a tiny bouquet that she gathered outside of her school. 

Blossoms in the Trees

Monday, March 29

Bookstore Treats

New magazines and a new puzzle from our Friday outing to the bookstore. 

Invisalign Journey No. 2

This sweet boy started Invisaline this past Thursday! 

Sunday, March 28

Tuscan Fries

I made Nigella Lawson's Tuscan Fries this afternoon and they were just okay. If I do this again, I think the potatoes need to be cut bigger. But, honestly, it would just be easier and tastier to buy fries. 🤔

Misty Moisty Morning

Wednesday, March 24

A Place to Hang the Moon

If you're looking for a lovely story with a happy ending, this one's for you! William, Edmund, and Anna are evacuated to the country at the outset of WWII after their grandmother dies. Will they find a home for themselves? Will they find someone who thinks they hung the moon? 

Fairytale Cottage

Sunday, March 7

Out to Eat

This is the first time we've eaten inside a restaurant in a year (we have had take out, of course). We're playing Genius Square while we wait for our food. It's a great game! 

Saturday, March 6

Cherry Galette

This is probably my favorite dessert.  Find the recipe HERE

Haute Cuisine


Have you seen Haute Cuisine? It was recommended to me by one of our children's godmothers after I watched Babette's Feast. I finally had the chance to see it this week and I loved it! It's a French film, so I had to rely on subtitles, but I loved it! 

Wednesday, March 3


Bible Study in Comfort


Bible study on Romans tonight... not sorry at all that it is via zoom and I can knit and enjoy the fire while I listen. 

Tuesday, March 2

All This Without You

All This Without You is Juliana Bibas' most recent book. It just arrived and I've already blown through the first five chapters. I love reading fiction and this is no exception. Juliana's writing is fabulous. Plus, the main character is an Orthodox mama! I'm pretty sure that I haven't read a book that I have ever identified with so much. You can purchase this book from Amazon (paperback or kindle)! 

Monday, March 1



Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman was a super intense book that I read in three days. I have her next memoir coming through interlibrary loan. Has anyone watched the Netflix show by the same name? 
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