Tuesday, June 16

Apostles' Fast Deep Cleaning

I like to try to deep clean the house during the four fasting seasons of the Liturgical year. Yesterday began the Apostle's Fast, so I am challenging myself to deep clean one room per day. Yesterday was the master bedroom and closet. Today, I am treating our 2.5 bathrooms as one room and just pushing though. 

Friday, June 12

Fifteen Years

I've been wanting to try a pie from @theuglypiesby for awhile now and our fifteenth wedding anniversary was a good excuse! We chose a lemon berry cheesecake and I also picked up a little ham and cheese quiche for my main squeeze!
Our state very thoughtfully reopened restaurant dining today, just in time for some anniversary celebrating. The boys are not pictured because they spent the time they weren't eating feeding bits of cracker to seagulls and fish on the pier near our outdoor table.  

Thursday, June 11

Weeding and Listening


The lavender is just about ready to bloom. I have been spending a few hours a week weeding and watering the front garden. The time is made more enjoyable by seeing the difference in the areas I tend and watching the changes that take place there week by week. Thanks also goes to the books I listen to and the people that I am able to chat with while I work! 

Peas from the Farm Stand


June Meadow

Roses After the Rain


Monday, June 8

Homemade Fighters

The boys made shields today with round pieces of wood, faux leather, and upholstery tacks.


Sunday, June 7

Joyous Feast!

Joyous Feast of Pentecost! | Pentecost, Mikhail Nesterov 

Thursday, June 4



Daily garden inspection with my quality control assistants. 



Little Lady mowing the church grounds for her Papa. 

Wednesday, June 3

Summer Blooms

The floral scent of June is intoxicating. I know that it is wicked of me, but I do hope that the honeysuckle takes over! 

Monday, June 1

Shirley Temple


I planted three peony bushes this weekend and I am in love. The tag says that they are called Shirley Temple peonies and they are the creamiest, most perfect shade of white.

Coffee and the Paper

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