Tuesday, March 29

Sunday, March 27

Prospora Baker Extraordinaire

I've been watching my husband bake Prosphora (church bread for Holy Communion) for fifteen years and I am still always amazed by how beautifully he makes them. 

Sunday, March 20

Ina's Mussels


One of our youngest son's favorite foods is mussels. He requested them for his namesday, so I made them tonight (a few days late!) using another recipe from @inagarten's Barefoot in Paris cookbook. They are a huge hit! Every recipe that I use from the Barefoot Contessa has gotten rave reviews!

Seafood Feast!


We're celebrating my husband's birthday a day early with this seafood feast inspired by @inagarten. Her recipes for Mustard Sauce (using vegan mayo), Cocktail Sauce, and Mignonette Sauce (meant for raw oysters, but I bet it'll taste good on other seafood) make this seafood platter pretty fancy. You can find the recipes for these sauces in her Barefoot in Paris cookbook. Cheers to my wonderful husband! May God grant him many years!

Friday, March 18

Drifts of Daffodils

I pulled off the road into the driveway of an abandoned house to get the photographs. The daffodils were in drifts and my pictures do not do the justice at all. 

Happy Namesday!

Happy namesday to our beautiful boy! May Saint Nikolaj Velimirović intercede to God for you! 

Thursday, March 17

Another Kitchen Experiment

Mediterranean Lentil Salad from reciperunner.com
I tripled the dressing and omitted the feta. My husband says it's the best salad I've made so far, so I think you should try it! He'll probably add avocado to it later.

Quinoa Tabbouleh from Epicurious


Tuesday, March 15

Lenten Service Books

Every year, when Holy Week rolls around, I kick myself for not having ordered this little set of books for the Lenten Services. Not this year! The @svots bookstore has the entire set in one neat little package. Now to write my name on each one, so that they can find their way back to me when I inevitably leave them in church. 

Snacking Lenten Style

My favorite snack this Lent has been hummus on a piece of good seedy bread. This is a Harvest Loaf from Harris Teeter. 

Monday, March 14

Monday Reading and Knitting

This past Saturday's WSJ had a fabulous article on design in Bloomsbury AND a review of a new book on Angela Thirkell's life. Last week was a slow start to my Euclid Shawl (Quince & Co. pattern in their Jupiter colorway), but now that I've gotten into the groove of the stitches, I think it will move along more quickly. 

Sunday, March 13

Sunday of Orthodoxy


Lenten Sunday Lunch

Our favorite Sunday Lunch during Lent is Ina Garten's Garlic and Herb Roasted Shrimp, the Greek Vegan's Roasted Potatoes, and a salad with Miss Cami's Balsamic Dressing.  Everyone gobbled their lunch up! 

Wednesday, March 9

Cowboy Caviar

I made Cowboy Caviar today for my husband and it was another hit. I used the recipe from Natasha's Kitchen which calls for Italian dressing, so I tried Sir Kensington Pepperoncini Italian (bought at Walmart). He ate this dish like a salad, but I think it is typically served as a dip for tortilla chips. Either way, it was delicious! 

The Canon of Saint Andrew


Monday, March 7

Mediterranean Chickpean Salad

My first Lenten culinary endeavor was to make this Mediterranean Chickpea Salad from Delish. I didn't put in the feta and added tomatoes and avocado. My husband loved it, and suggested squid might be a nice addition as well. 

Quince and Co. Yarn

I ordered some yarn and can't wait to cast on to a new project. 

Saturday, March 5

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