Friday, February 28

Fast Free Friday

Cheesy potatoes on a FRIDAY!


The Ultimate Tree House

The Ultimate Tree House | Little Man, age 12

Styling Our Console Table

Join me as I style our newly built console table. Everything except the lamp was already around the house!

Thursday, February 27


A long awaited new couch was delivered here last week and I've been having fun styling the console table behind it.

Tuesday, February 25


The Night Garden | Emily Winfield Martin
Our most recent puzzle.

Happy Accidents

I mistakenly bought some frozen almond croissants at Trader Joe's a few months ago (I usually get the chocolate ones for my chocoholic boys). What a happy accident! They made a lovely breakfast this morning. Have you tried them?

Sunday, February 23

The Letter of the Law

Here is a pictorial example of following the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. Our sons were fighting, so their father told them that they had to go to separate rooms so that we could finish watching our movie in peace. At the end of our film, we came in to find this little scene in the doorway between the playroom and office. How much do you want to bet that this will become a sermon illustration in the next few weeks?

Saturday, February 22

Koliva Workshop

We had a koliva making workshop at church this afternoon and followed it with a Memorial Service for Saturday of Souls.

Snowdrop Hunting

Wednesday, February 19

I ordered this yarn on Saturday morning and it arrived yesterday evening! What speedy service @jimmybeanswool has! It is Cascade 220 Superwash in the Pine Grove colorway (no. 258). I even got a few moments to cast on to my sweater today! My goal is to finish it well before Pascha (Orthodox Easter), which is 19 April.

Monday, February 17

Watching and Swatching

I swatched for my next knitting project last night while watching Open Range. It will be a The Fibre Company One Sweater. I ordered some Cascade 220 in a shade of green for it on Saturday night and used some of the Winter White Cascade 220 from my recently finished blanket to knit. Now I am ready to go when my yarn arrives.

Parkington Blanket

I finished knitting this beaut on Saturday night and blocked it on Sunday morning while we waited for urgent care to open (three out of five of us are down with the flu... the two of us that are well are taking meds to keep it that way). I love this blanket and will make another as a throw blanket at some point. This one is a baby blanket size (31.5 x 42.5). Scroll down on my feed to get the pattern and yarn deets.

Sunday, February 16

Living and Learning: Week of 16 February

Hello, Friends! Join me as I finish up a baby blanket, start knitting a sweater, get a new piece of furniture, rearrange the playroom , and more!

Saturday, February 15

Breakfast Scenes

Living and Learning: Week of 9 February

Come along with me as I tell you about what I was up to this rainy week: battling the 'flu, beginning a new church beautification project, a little more knitting on my blanket, putting together a puzzle, and more!

Wednesday, February 12


Weekday breakfast in sunlight due to sickness.. the world's worst and endless cold has darkened our door. It took down my husband last week and our daughter got sick yesterday. Who will be next?

Salvaged Treasures

I discovered a salvage/antiques shop near our violin teacher's home yesterday. Pre-War label on the tea set refers to the Civil War, I think, but I'm not positive (I didn't check to see the underside which would help me date it).

Sunday, February 9

Blessings from Mount Athos

One of our parishioners went to Mount Athos and Greece for a few weeks on pilgrimage and brought back prayer ropes, icons, and incense to give to each person in our church. 
He also brought the splendid bouquet of lilies to church and placed it in front of the icon of the Mother of God.

A Yule Log Birthday

Isn't this cake incredible?! My friend, Mirona, made it for her daughter's second birthday. It was beautiful AND delicious!

Saturday, February 8

Living and Learning: Week of 2 February

Come along with me as I tell you about what I am up to this week: beautiful spring flowers for our dining room table, a backlog of gorgeous magazines to read, a new ceiling fan for the playroom, and more!

Sunday, February 2

Double Baptism

Two little ones were baptized today... the perfect day, as it is the feast of the Meeting of the Lord!
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