Saturday, October 31

Saturday Treat: Fresh Whipped Cream and Hot Chocolate


A Saturday treat: hot chocolate made with milk and clouds of homemade whipped cream

Thursday, October 29

Fresh Thyme

I have absolutely loved having the window boxes full of herbs since Spring. This thyme is going into Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup tonight. 

Wednesday, October 28

Painting Trim


We still have some painting to do on the back and on the edges, but we accomplished a lot today!

Tuesday, October 27



Bellocq Tea Atelier is featured in the October issue of Victoria Magazine! I enjoy their The Queen's Guard tea so much.

Altre Follie

A recent find and excellent to cook and clean to. 

Monday, October 26

Treats After the Dentist


I popped into the bookstore after my dental appointment and purchased a new puzzle (Paris by Michael Storrings) and this month's UK Country Living. These little treats are just what I needed!

Not on a Tropical Island

I'm at my least favorite place, the dentist. 

Oh how I Love Misty Moisty Mornings

Thursday, October 22

MIss Mole

      "She had her ideal of what a home should be. The mother in it would be her mother, but the father would be different. If it were necessary for him to be a minister of religion, he would be the vicar of the Established Church, and the church itself would be old and dim and beautiful and people would not shake hands across the yellow pews and talk intimately about their ailments and their children. They would do that, if they must, in the sunny churchyard, and quietly, with the hush of the service on them and the influence of stained glass and carved stone. The house would be old too, with a cedar on the lawn, and several dogs, and inside there would be pretty and precious things, things that had belonged to ancestors, portraits and old silver, and the ancestors would be admirals and generals and judges.The sons of the house would go to public schools and universities and no one would think it necessary to mention it; the girls would have beauty and beautiful clothes and gracious love affairs: they would not giggle with young men, like Ethel, or be cross with everybody, like Ruth; there would be order in that household and quiet servants." 
                                                                                                          Miss Mole by E.H. Young 

Tuesday, October 20

Women with Icons


I was so excited to be given Women with Icons by @jocelynmathewes. It is a gorgeous book and I am thankful for the parishioner who bought it for me!

Monday, October 19


We found this wee snapping turtle on the driveway today. He's been moved to a safer location! 

Updo with a Scarf


I watched a great scarf tutorial on @thechicchanteuse's youtube account and think I would actually love wearing this style in public! She wears hers with a bow on top of her head, but recommended wearing it at the nape of the neck for people who want something a little less bold.

Sunday, October 18

A Little Work Trip

2020 has been a very strange year! My husband does a few filming jobs for his business every year, but he has been focused on helping parishes build better websites because of the pandemic. However, he was recently hired for his first on site filming job of 2020, so we all piled in the car and took the trip with him.  It was great to get out of town and visit a church that is not too far from us. The filming came out well...  now comes the hard task of editing!

Saturday, October 17

Our Nephew's Baptism

Our littest nephew on my husband's side was baptized today at his home parish!  He is the sweetest little one! May God Grant Him Many Years!

Friday, October 16

My Ikea Haul

 Join me as I share the things that I purchased on a very quick trip to Ikea yesterday!

Thursday, October 15

Day Trip


Day Trip Essentials: last weekend's unread WSJ, knitting, current book, masks, cords, water, etc.
Father John is filming at Holy Apostles Russian Orthodox Church this weekend. They're in the process of renovating this pretty little church. We're so happy to be taking our first little trips out of our neighborhood.  

Monday, October 12

Breaking Habits at Forty


I'm trying so hard to break my nail biting habit and I think this Londontown duo is really helping. 

Sunday, October 11

Rose Glass for My Bedside Table

My dear sister Anna and her husband Justin surprised me with this wonderful bedside carafe this week! Isn't it lovely? I had one before I was married and it smashed one fateful day. I have always wanted a replacement and it means a lot to me that they saw this and thought of me!

Saturday, October 10

Training Himself Out of a Job

Father John taught our daughter to cut her youngest brother's hair! She watched her papa do our middle son and then she went for it! My husband is slowly working himself out of jobs: our daughter mows the lawn, does the livestreaming at church, and now cuts hair and our middle son uses the leaf blower!

Friday, October 9

A Good Article


I enjoyed reading this excerpt from 'Between Two Millstones, Book Two' by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn from Saturday's WSJ. I think I may try to read the first volume as soon as I get through a bit of my reading pile. 
Also, nice: freshly whipped cream in a mug of hot chocolate. 

Wednesday, October 7


I've been hanging on to this bouquet of dahlias as tightly as I can. Every few days I remove the faded blooms and rearrange the remaining ones in a new vase with fresh water. 

Tuesday, October 6

Swedish Meatballs for the Feast of Saint Innocent

Swedish Meatballs in Cream Sauce for my husband's Namesday! O Holy Saint Innocent Pray Unto God for Us!

Notes: The recipe is from Vikalinka's blog. I made the meatballs without the allspice and baked them at 400 degrees for 25 minutes (instead of frying them). I doubled the sauce and added 1 tsp of beef stock base The sauce needed to be thicker, so I made beurre maniƩ with two tbsp of flour and two tbsp of butter and stirred that in at the end. I served the meatballs over egg noodles and sauteed baby bella mushrooms.

Sunday, October 4

Living and Learning: Week of 4 October

Sunday Dinner and Sunday Drives


Ina Garten's Boeuf Bourguignon was a hit! I cooked it in the crockpot for four hours on high instead of using a Dutch Oven (I don't have one large enough). Scrumptious!  
We started to take Sunday Drives during the pandemic and have continued this summer.  We ended up taking a road we had never go on before and spotted this estate. I wonder who lives there?
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