Tuesday, June 5

Time with Cousins

My sister, Juliana, is here visiting this week!  It is such fun to spend time with her and my nephew and niece!

Sunday, June 3


Tomorrow is my sister-in-law's birthday and her husband is throwing her a surprise party today!  We ordered a cake from our local bakery and I love what they came up with for the decorations.  We are also bringing the flowers and balloons, while my mother-in-law is taking care of the salad and drinks, and my brother-in-law is buying the gourmet pizza...  it is truly a family effort!

Saturday, June 2

Saturday Comforts

 While I was out and about today, I bought a little mini cheesecake to indulge in this afternoon.  Saturday is such a nice day to relax and rejuvenate myself after a busy week!  I try to get as many chores done Monday through Friday as I can so that I can keep my Saturday as free as possible!

I drove our little girl to her grandmother's this morning so that she could have a sewing lesson.  We had a few things to return to Target, so I swung by to take care of that and also ended up buying this wonderful little lamp for my dresser. I've had a different one there for years, but it was needed elsewhere.  I love how this one looks...  it really coordinates with our bedroom curtains.  This lamp is a smidge shorter than the other one, so I also ended up hanging a little rabbit tile that I found at a museum gift shop ages ago above it. 

We are expecting quite a bit of rain tonight and tomorrow, so I saved our only blooming Bolero rose from certain death.  It is now gracing my bedside table, where it will scent my dreams tonight.


Wednesday, May 30

Our Little Zoo

When the Trio was small, I would take them on weekly springtime trips to the little zoo in our area.   Those weekly trips have fallen by the wayside with all of the commitments we have now, but inevitably they request one or two visits at this time of year.  We saw all of our animal friends on our most recent trip...  even a baby wallaby in his mama's pouch!

Tuesday, May 29

Dutch Clogs as Planters

Whenever we go to one of our favorite little seaside towns, I always look for these shoes.  I love the unique Dutch style these homeowners infuse into their house!

Monday, May 28

Strawberry Picking

While Auntie Anna was here for Sugar Plum's birthday on Saturday, we went strawberry picking!  We love to go to patch that is near our house...  The berries are so sweet and the farmer and his wife are very friendly.  Sugar Plum looked wonderful in her new hat!
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