Sunday, July 29


I have wanted to try a pavlova for YEARS, so I told my sisters that we should try to make one while they were here for Cousin Camp...  I kept putting it off out of fear of failure, so my sister, Juliana, took matters into her own hands.  It was a show-stopper and tasted amazing!

Thursday, July 26

Invisalign: Week Two

My Yearly Treat

 A few days ago we stopped at one of my favorite art museums on the way home from visiting family.  It has the largest collection of PreRaphaelite Art outside of Britain.  It makes me so happy to see these beautiful pieces!

Tuesday, July 24

A Well Rounded Girl

She's working on a trip wire in her hand-sewn dress and pearls. NBD.

Monday, July 23

Some New Old Things

While I was visiting New Jersey this weekend, I was able to help my father-in-law declutter his kitchen and aid my parents in switching their bedroom furniture from one room to another.  It was very satisfying work and it felt very good to help!  I was also given the wonderful gift of an antique barrister's bookcase, desk, and chair that belonged to my great-grandparents.  What treasures!  It was an utter joy to polish them up and find just the right spot for them in our home!

Sunday, July 22

A Weekend Away

It is quite rare for us to get away for the weekend with our responsibilities at the church, but Father John had a conference to attend that required him to leave Friday and spend the whole week in St. Louis.  Rather than stay home, the children and I went to New Jersey to visit my husband's father and my parents.  It was wonderful to get away, go to church somewhere else, and see our family!

Friday, July 20

An Antique Desk

Our daughter spotted this pretty little desk in one of her favorite antique stores a few weeks ago and has not been able to forget it.  Today she realized that she was able to save enough money to purchase it, so we took a little drive together to pick it up.  Once we got it home, she cleaned it thoroughly with Murphy's Oil Soap and we left it in the sunshine for an airing.  It looks lovely in her room and her brothers are thrilled that she has passed on her smaller desk to them!

Hedgerow Blooms

My daughter and I took a little amble searching for wildflowers and grasses among the hedgerow.  We gathered quite a vaseful of beautiful blooms!

Wednesday, July 18


I am knitting a Shale Blanket in the prettiest green wool in the Shire colorway.  This blanket will be a gift for our sweet niece or nephew, who is due in November!

Tuesday, July 17


I jumped into the pool this afternoon fully clothed...  have to keep there children on their toes!
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