Sunday, June 26

Orchard House

Where's the View?

We had to crane our necksout of the window of our second hotel to see the view, but it was worth it!

Hotel Gyms

The boys in our family have been working out a lot at home for the past few months, so they were pleased that they could continue their workouts on the road!

Saturday, June 25

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary

For Saturday night church, we went to Holy Cross Seminary. The church's architecture was breathtaking and it was so good to hear Byzantine Chant again.

Tour of Historic Boston Harbor

Wentworth's Quarters

These are the Captain's quarters of the USS Constitution and they reminds me so much of one of my favorite books, Persuasion.  I could see Anne and Captain Wentworth honeymooning in there rooms.

I am interested in seeing the new version of Persuasion coming to Netflix next month. It will probably not be something that I love, but it is nice that they tried.

Hotel Decor Inspiration

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