Monday, April 30

Everyone Gets a Bonnet

Our little girl has spent the past few days knitting up little bonnets for all of her dollies.  She used some leftover sock yarn and the Fox and Folk Juniper Bonnet Pattern for these wee bonnets. I love how they look and am proud of her for sticking to this project until the end!  Itbwas toreapme for her to churn put so many at once!

Sunday, April 29

Staining the Choir Benches

Father John spent a few hours this evening staining and putting a coat of polyurethane on the newly built choir benches.  The stain makes them look so nice!

Saturday, April 28

Wee Radishes

The children were eager to plant something this year, so I bought packets of radish and carrot seed at the grocery store last week.  The radishes are already sprouting and I see tiny grew specks in the pot we planted the carrot seeds in!

Friday, April 27

A Craving for Brownies

The other night, I had a craving for brownies.  I love making them in a pie dish so that there are brownie edges for every piece.  We were so eager to eat them, that they were barely cool enough to eat, let alone come outof the pan in tidy wedges.  Each morsel was delicious, though!

Thursday, April 26

Tidying the Icon Corner

Button and I tidied up the icon corner in Mama and Papa's bedroom tonight.  We cleaned the shelf with a Magic Eraser,  dusted the icons, transferred the lampada to a new glass with a clean bowl to catch oil drips, cleaned the scissors (for wick trimming) and censor, and put some flowers in a vase. It only took a few minutes,  but our work made a huge difference!

Wednesday, April 25

A Grey Bonnet for Benedict

I finished up a wee grey bonnet for our new little nephew, Benedict this week.  I used the trust Fox & Folk bonnet pattern without the lace insert for this wee boy and made 12 inch long 3 stitch i-cord ties.  I really love how grey bonnets look on babies!  The color seems to really flatter!

Tuesday, April 24

Chapel Upgrades

We made a few little upgrades to our chapel this week.  Due to space issues, Father John has decided to more the Choir from the small choir loft where they were, to either side of the kliros.  To make things a little more beautiful and functional in their new space, Father designed new built-in benches.  Miguel built them in about two days.  New rugs were also ordered for the space (as well as a round one for inter the Altar Table).  The benches still need to be stained to match the other wood in the church, but I think they really look wonderful!

Monday, April 23

Chicken Quesadillas

I think that these chicken quesadillas are possibly the best thing that I've ever made:  butter a skillet, put in a tortilla, layer shredded cheddar cheese, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, cooked and chopped chicken, a little crumbled bacon, chopped tomato, chopped red onion, Chipotle Tabasco sauce, salt, and pepper.  Cook until bottom is toasted, fold in half, and serve with sour cream for dipping.

Sunday, April 22

Small Rewards

Lunch at Panera is our reward for a double baptism during Liturgy...  to be follwed by a PLN (a post-Liturgical nap).

Saturday, April 21


A family friend sent me a parcel full of mementos that he had of special events in our childhood.  One of the photographs was this one of our family around 1990.  I look like a lion!  It's very interesting to see Sebastian and Vivienne in their mothers' little faces.

Thursday, April 19


Thursdays are our busy days:  school, violin lessons for three, and basketball for the older two kids.  I like to try to make really filling meals for days like this so that I am not tempted to get fast food while we're out.  I wanted Chipotle in the worst way tonight, but settled for salad and pizza at 8pm.

We've been reading a lot lately.  I have been enjoying Howard's End as an audiobook.  It's been great to have it to listen to in spare moments.  Little Man and I have been reading The Wheel on the School this month as part of our language arts curriculum and it has been so enjoyable that all three children beg to listen in!  It is such a great story! Little Man is also devouring Ben Hatke's graphic novels (so much so that I regularly find him awake reading well past his bedtime.  

I've been loving small knitting projects lately!  It is quite satisfying to cast on and finish something in just a few days.  That being said, I am on the final knitting "to do" in my queue and need to figure out what will be next! 

Wednesday, April 18

Gold in the Grey

There are still daffodils blooming under the trees in our garden.  One of the best things I did was to plant several varieties that peak at different times in the spring.  It is very cheering to spot new ones gently nodding during the grey days of April.

Tuesday, April 17

New Dolly Announcement

Meet Sugar Plum's latest dolly, Lydia!  Adopted from an antique shop for a mere $12, the proud mama is excited to introduce her to her sisters shortly.

Monday, April 16

I'm Not Crying, You're Crying!

Our little girl was picked up this afternoon for her first job as a mother's helper to one of our parishioners.  It was a successful two hours and she is wanted back...  which makes her very, very happy! It feels like yesterday that I was holding her hands to help her learn to walk.

Friday, April 13

Guided By the Lonely Star

“Guided by the Lonely Star, beyond the utmost harbour-bar, I’ll find the heavens fair and free, and beaches of the Starlit Sea. Ship my ship! I seek the West, and fields and mountains ever blest. Farewell to Middle-earth at last. I see the star above my mast!”
-Bilbo’s Last Song (at the Grey Havens) by J.R.R. Tolkien 


My sister-in-law, Danyella, requested that I make her a black hat, so I chose a Lord of the Rings inspired knit hat called Grayhaven.  It was a fairly easy lace pattern and the result, while not terribly visible in black yarn, is really pretty.  I hope that Danyella likes it!

Thursday, April 12

Calling Cards

I have wanted calling cards forever, so when my friend Grace showed me hers, I decided to get some made.  I love the ones that I ordered from Nancy Nikko!  They arrived so quickly and were very carefully packages.  I can't wait to pass them out!

Wednesday, April 11

What's for Dinner?

Bright Week is a good time to take the family out for ice cream at dinnertime!

Tuesday, April 10

Pretty Russian Eggs

A lovely parishioner in our church made these beautiful eggs for our children with those fancy egg sleeves.  I've done a little reconnaissance and found similar ones on Amazon!  I know that my little ones would love to dye eggs and use these egg wraps.  I'll file the idea away for next year!

Monday, April 9

A Baptismal Juniper Bonnet

I finished a Juniper Bonnet for a sweet little baby who made her debut a bit early and had to have a NICU stay.  It will, God Willing, don her downy little head after her baptism.

Thursday, April 5

Our 2018 Pascha Menu 

Spiral Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze
Kielbasa and Stone Ground Mustard

Hard Boiled Eggs

Cheese Pascha
Feta and Kalamata Olives
Vegetables and Ranch Dip

Strawberry Blueberry Trifle (with homemade pound cake)

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