Tuesday, December 31

Little Women

Little Women is exquisite. You simply must see it!

Monday, December 30

Vlogmas: 30 December

Day Thirty of Vlogmas: A day out to the cinema to see the latest Star Wars film and a trip to a children's Christmas Village

Sunday, December 29

Vlogmas: 29 December

Day Twenty-Nine of Vlogmas: Open House at the Rectory, Vasilopita, and other things on a Sunday in December

Saturday, December 28

Vlogmas: 28 December

Day Twenty-Eight of Vlogmas: Home from a whirlwind trip to New Jersey and New York to visit family

Friday, December 27

Vlogmas: 27 December

Day Twenty-Seven of Vlogmas: Our Bûche de Noel

Wednesday, December 25

Vlogmas: 25 December

Day Twenty-Four of Vlogmas: Confession, Grocery Shopping, the last of the presents arrive, and racing the clock

Tuesday, December 24

The Cutest Penguin in all the Land.

Vlogmas: 24 December

Day Twenty-Four of Vlogmas: Confession, Grocery Shopping, the last of the presents arrive, and racing the clock

Monday, December 23

Vlogmas: 23 December

Day Twenty-Three of Vlogmas: A very happy Sunday spent doing little domestic tasks.

Saturday, December 21

Vlogmas: 21 December

Day Twenty One of Vlogmas: Today is the day we decorate the house!

Friday, December 20

Vlogmas: 20 December

Day Twenty of Vlogmas: Our school holiday is here!

Thursday, December 19

Vlogmas: 19 December

Day Nineteen of Vlogmas:  It's Christmas Concert time for our daughter!

Wednesday, December 18

Vlogmas: 18 December

Day Eighteen of Vlogmas: School, planting more paperwhites, buying coffee, and making paper bag stars

Tuesday, December 17

Vlogmas: 17 December

Day Seventeen of Vlogmas:  Today included several Christmassy preparations, as well as making Babaganush from a recipe created by The Minimalist Baker.

Essential Christmas Films

You've Got Mail 
While You Were Sleeping
Sleepless in Seattle 
Take Peace:  A Corgi Cottage Christmas
A Child's Christmas in Wales 
The Family Stone
Little Women
A Home for the Holidays 
The Nutcracker
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Rick Steves' European Christmas
Please  tell me your Essential Christmas Films in the comments!

Monday, December 16

Vlogmas: 16 December

Day Sixteen of Vlogmas:  It was recital day for our boys!

Sunday, December 15

Vlogmas: 15 December

Day Fifteen of Vlogmas: Happy Sunday! After a day of cleaning and visiting with friends, I was happy to have some time to putter around the house after Liturgy and Coffee Hour today!

Saturday, December 14

Vlogmas: 14 December

Day Fourteen of Vlogmas:  What a busy and productive Saturday we had!  It included errands, tidying, and a playdate. 

Friday, December 13

Vlogmas: 13 December

Day Thirteen of Vlogmas:  Christmas outfit shopping, Christmas Day menu planning, and shopping for presents!  What a busy day!


Thursday, December 12

Vlogmas: 12 December


Day Twelve of Vlogmas:  It's our son's Golden Birthday today!  He turns twelve on the twelfth day of the twelfth month!

Wednesday, December 11

Vlogmas: 11 December

Day Eleven of Vlogmas: It's Infusion Day!  We spent quite a bit of time in the car and at the hospital today, but we were able to squeeze in lunch at Chipotle, do a little browsing at Target to stretch our legs, and even go to basketball. 

Tuesday, December 10

Vlogmas: 10 December

Day Ten of Vlogmas: Today was a pretty quiet day.  We did our schoolwork, I made another batch of applesauce cinnamon ornaments (that came out so much nicer than yesterday's), and we had basketball.  My husband and I also tested out a new little tool for getting better shots for videos.  Can you spot the clips that use it in this video?

Monday, December 9

Vlogmas: 9 December

Day Nine of Vlogmas: I was able to fit in some ornament making amid the tasks I accomplished today.  I finished up the grapefruit ornaments by adding some string to them and made an imperfect batch of applesauce cinnamon ornaments.  I learned a lot, so I hope that my next round of these pretty ornaments will be more polished.

Here are some things that I used:

Applesauce Cinnamon Ornament Recipe
Cookie Molds by House on the Hill
Biscuit Cutter Set

Sunday, December 8

Vlogmas: 8 December

Day Eight of Vlogmas: Happy Sunday! Today was a nice quiet day.  After Liturgy and coffee hour, I died some grapefruit slices so that I will be able to make citrus ornaments this week, repotted some string of pearl plants, and spent a lot of nice time with family!  I hope that you had a wonderful day, too!

Saturday, December 7

Vlogmas: 7 December

Day Seven of Vlogmas:  I love Saturdays! We get to sleep in a bit and just do whatever floats our boat.  Today was spent running a few errands, tidying up our daughter's room, and working on a black linen table runner for our dining room table.  We finished the evening with Saturday night Vespers in the Chapel.

Friday, December 6

Vlogmas: 6 December

Day Six of Vlogmas:  Happy Saint Nicholas Day!  I hope that you had a terrific feast day! 

Here are some simple steps for making baked salmon:

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.  Cut up salmon fillets into portions.  Poke each piece of salmon with a fork.  If making lemon herb salmon, dress the fish with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and dill on salmon.  If making Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon, top the fish with soy sauce and freshly ground black pepper.  Bake salmon for 15 minutes or until done.  Remove Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon from oven after ten minutes and sprinkle with brown sugar. Return to oven for another five minutes or until done. Enjoy!

Find the Battery Operated Window Candles HERE.

Black linen fabric can be found HERE.

Thursday, December 5

Vlogmas: 5 December

Day Five of Vlogmas: It's the Eve of Saint Nicholas Day!

Wednesday, December 4

Vlogmas: 4 December


Day Four of Vlogmas: Today is our son's namesday!  We had a terrific day with gifts, puttering around the house, baking a vegan carrot cake, enjoying dinner at our local Chinese restaurant, and more!

The Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe can be found HERE.

Tuesday, December 3

Vlogmas: 3 December

Day Three of Vlogmas:  A trip to Target and Hobby Lobby, present wrapping, and basketball!

Monday, December 2

Vlogmas: 2 December

Day Two of Vlogmas: Planting paperwhite bulbs, cleaning bathrooms, a little more decluttering, and Christmas decorating!

Sunday, December 1

Vlogmas: 1 December

Join me as I get ready for Monday morning, help our daughter finish up a photography project for school, do today's decluttering and decorating tasks, and take an evening trip to Walmart and Michaels!

Saturday, November 30

A Juniper Bonnet

I finished knitting another @foxandfolk Juniper Bonnet just a few minutes ago. I love this pattern! It's so quick and easy. Since this bonnet is for a little boy, I left out the lace. This particular shade of grey is so perfect for the rosy complexions of newborns.
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