Saturday, June 15


Refreshing Our Dining Room Chairs

We tackled a big project this week!. We bought this dining room set three weeks before we married and I wish that I had thought about how easily the fabric on the chairs would be ruined and had chosen wooden seats instead. We decided to bring them to an upholstery shop to be redone as an anniversary gift to one another this past week, so I called and was given an estimate ($35 to $65 per chair depending on the fabric we chose) and told to unscrew the seats and bring them in. When we removed the seats, we saw that to recover this type of chair was just a matter of stapling new fabric to the frame and foam cushion. We bought a heavy duty stapler and staples ($45) on Wednesday and the fabric ($50) yesterday. My husband started the recovering process last night at about 8:30 and finished up at 11 pm.  I absolutely love how they turned out!  The fabric is soft and able to be wiped!  I only wish that we had done this sooner!

Friday, June 14

New Furniture

Our daughter has been saving her pennies to buy a dresser that she spotted at the thrift store. Papa picked it up, we cleaned and polish it, and placed little bowls of baking soda inside to freshening everything up.  She's really looking forward to lining the drawers and putting her clothes inside.  I love watching her develop her own style!

Seaside Village Wanderings

We visited  nearby seaside village today while Father John brought Holy Communion to a parishioner.  We browsed a bookstore, bought candy at the candy shop, wandered through one of my antique stores (I wanted to walk away with that tiny loving cup, but I restrained myself), and swooned over all the lovely antique jewels in the window of a jewelry shop (Pearls! Cameos! Coral! Jade!).  It was a wonderful morning capped off with lunch at a seafood restaurant with my brother-in-law and his family!

Wednesday, June 12

Tuesday, June 11

Sweet Thirteen

We threw a birthday party for our daughter and invited her wonderful school friends. It was a lovely few hours and I am so glad that she has found nice girls to spend her time with!  The theme was swans and flowers and she baked, iced, and decorated her own gateau (a lemon bundt confection!).

Monday, June 10

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

An oak leaf hydrangea is on my wishlist for the Rectory garden.

Sunday, June 9

An Early Fourteen

We're celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary a few days early.  Grandma has the children for the day, so we went to a restaurant in an old hotel in our town that I have wanted to try for years.  We ate in the lovely garden room, which was perfect for people watching.  The main dining room has a large grand piano that is played some nights.  I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, June 8

Spent Roses

I love to fill the bird bath with fresh water and float spent rose petals in the water. We have very pampers birds in the Rectory garden.

Friday, June 7

Saturday, June 1

Social Saturday

Today was uncharacteristically social for us! After open gym time and lunch with one family, we went strawberry picking and ate ice cream with another family!

Friday, May 17

For the Teacher

Our homeschool review is done and went well, so I bought flowers for the teacher. The teacher is me.

Thursday, May 16

Victoria the Queen

Do not to let your feelings (very natural and usual ones) of momentary irritation and discomfort be seen by others. Don't (as you so often did and do) let every little feeling be read in your face and seen in your manner.” 

                          Queen Victoria

This is an excellent book. I borrowed both the book and the audio and have been enjoying switching between them immensely!

Wednesday, May 15

Song of the Sea

I began attempting to use this yarn the day that our daughter was admitted to the hospital in November. We knew something was wrong, but had no idea what was going on. Now, six months later, we know she was suffering from Crohn's Disease and, Thank God, she's on her way to remission. I cast on to three different things with this yarn and it finally became a Song of the Sea Cowl. I think I will give it to my little Crohnie. 🖤
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