Wednesday, April 24

Unction on Great and Holy Wednesday

Saint Martin's Chapel

Saint Martin's Chapel est. 1692. This Georgian brick structure replaced a frame building in 1764.


This dear little church is quite near The Rectory.  I love catching a glimpse of it while out and about.  Whoever does the seasonal decor is quite clever.

Tuesday, April 23

Jelly Belly

My favorite jelly beans are Jelly Belly Snapple ones. I finally caved and got them on Amazon since I can't find them locally anymore. I bought a big bag (which I hid from the children!) and will decant small amounts into this little jar to keep us from eating them too quickly!

Monday, April 22

Quail Eggs

Our shop has the tiniest quail eggs for sale this time of year, so I decided to blow them and use them as decoration for Pascha. They're just the right combination of darling and chic!

Saturday, April 20

An Upgrade to for this Plain Jane

These Simple and Blush head wraps came in the post today and I love them! I bought a three pack (two black and one mauve) to share with my daughter. The colors are perfect and I love that they're made from linen (one of my favorite natural fibers). These will make my plain Jane hairstyles look chic and feminine. So far they are holding up tho their promise to be non-slip!

Friday, April 19

Oh Happy Day!

I'm spending time with my little goddaughter while her Mama tries on fancy dresses today.  What a joy! 

Wednesday, April 17

A Treasure

Why someone got rid of this wonderful handmade pitcher is beyond me.  I was able to buy this little piece of art at the little junk and antique shop down the street for a mere song.  I can't wait to fill it with daffodils or dried hydrangeas, or a fresh bouquet of silver dollar eucalyptus!

Tuesday, April 16

Saturday, April 13

Day Seven: Seven Days, One Dress

Day seven of the Seven Days, One Dress Challenge is here! This outfit reminds me of the ones I've been admiring in the series House of Eliott!

Friday, April 12

Day Six: Seven Day, One Dress

Day six of the Seven Days, One Dress Challenge! I decided to turn yesterday's scarf into a cape/sweater thing by knotting two corners together on each side. Wearing the scarf this way is a little out of my comfort zone, but it's a handy tie for the spring.

Thursday, April 11

The House of Eliott 

Have you seen the series The House of Eliott? It's one of my favorite genres: Penniless Girls Make it Things Work While Remaining Cheerful (my other favorite genre is Arranged Marriage Turns into Head-Over-Heels Love). The House of Eliott was recommended to me by my sister, Kate, who found out about it from a friend and I'm really enjoying it! I had to inter-library loan the three seasons, so it might be tricky for you to find.

Day Five: Seven Days, One Dress

We are on day five of the Seven Days, One Dress Challenge! Today I'm going to wear a knit blazer over my dress and this pretty scarf knotted round my neck.

Wednesday, April 10

Day Four: Seven Days, One Dress

It's day four of the  Seven Days, One Dress challenge! Persimmon earrings and a vintage scarf I found at an antique shop before I was married complete my look today!

Fleeting Beauty

I'm glad that I snapped a quick photograph of this fragrant beauty on Saturday.  It was viciously cut down by a cruel little hobbit on Sunday during coffee hour.

Tuesday, April 9

Day Three: Seven Days, One Dress

Day three of the Seven Days, One Dress challenge! It's gloomy and a little chillier than yesterday, so I'm wearing my dress (freshly washed and dried last night) with a beaded necklace and light wool sweater coat. I'll probably take it off as it warms up and put it back on around dinnertime. I am also wearing my persimmon dangly earrings again today.

A Glade of Daffodils

Monday, April 8

Day Two: Seven Days, One Dress

Today is day two of the Seven Days, One Dress Challenge! It's going to be a warm day today (84 degrees F!), so I'm keeping everything light and airy with my favorite watch, persimmon colored earrings and my rose-gold linen scarf.
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