Thursday, February 28

Beauty and Use

My daughter and I went to a new little thrift shop near our home today and I was so pleased to find this antique cloth for a few dollars.  I love these old fashioned things that are useful, well-made, and beautiful.

Tuesday, February 26

Monday, February 25

How to Train Your Dragon 3

We took the kids to see the final How to Train Your Dragon film yesterday afternoon. It was a great movie... we're all sad that the books are done and now the movies/Netflix programs are finished, too.

Saturday, February 23

A Little Sparkle

Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy and I really like the new sparkly ones!

Thursday, February 21

Out of Bed

Today was my first day out of bed.  I thoroughly cleaned our bedroom and bathroom (washing linens and towel, dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting everything in sight).  I will sleep well tonight.  My husband kept everyone well and happy!  Thank God!  It was good to leave my room and spy my beautiful paperwhites in full bloom!

Wednesday, February 20

Still Convalescing, but on the Mend

I am still the only one sick!  I have been enjoying vast amounts of tea and far too many episodes of Jamestown, season two (using PBS Passport on Amazon).

Tuesday, February 19


I saw Pollyanna (2016) for the first time a year or so ago (I think Auntie Leila recommended it!) and loved the beautiful suncatcher Pollyanna plays with at Mr. Pendleton's house. After searching for months, I finally found some beautiful chandelier prisms at an antique store. We bought five with the intention of going back for more, but they sold out before we could! To make this long string of suncatchers, I found the tiny prisms and beads at Michael's and Sugar Plum strung them all on some stretchy bead string we already had. I love how it turned out!!

Monday, February 18

'Tis the 'Flu

Oh, dear.  I started to get worse this afternoon, so my husband and I took a trip to the doctor. It was confirmed that I have the 'flu...  despite getting a jab in October.  The nurse says that having had the inoculation will help make the time I am sick shorter.  I'm also taking Tamiflu, as well.

Of course being sick is unpleasant,  but I am most worried about our daughter contracting it.  She is on a drug that suppresses her immune system, so she's very likely to catch whatever germs come her way.  If she does, it could mean (and most likely will) that she will have a Crohn's flare. We just got her last one under control a few days ago.

Anyway, please pray for her if you think of it!

Sunday, February 17

Feeding a Cold

My visits to the ER, multiple doctors' offices, and the infusion center this week has caught up to me. I woke up today with a cough, froggy voice, and runny nose. It really helped my mood to take a long, hot bath and drink copious amounts of tea with honey. My darling husband suggested pizza for an early dinner and it really hit the spot, too.

Friday, February 15

Valentine Roses

Roses from my jetsetting Valentine. He was away for a few days this week for work, but still remembered flowers at 10.30p yesterday. What a good guy!

Thursday, February 14

Real Community

That feeling you get when your child's math teacher drives over to basketball practice at 6.30p to drop off a huge bag of Get Well Valentine cards and gifts from the seventh grade. 😭

Tea and Cake at Four O'Clock

One can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things."
                                                                                                       L.M. Montgomery 

Cake baked by me and frosted by my wonderful daughter.

Wednesday, February 13

GI and an Infusion

We headed out to see our girl's GI doctor very early this morning and ended up being squeezed in for an infusion in the mid-afternoon.  This was the best case scenario. Our doctor has an office that's nearly three hours away and I was very nervous that we would have an appointment with her today and then have to come back later in the week for an infusion.  I knew that the only thing that would help our daughter feel better was the Remicade, and I am very thankful that her doctor agreed.  She felt well enough to have some salmon, mashed potatoes, and broccoli for dinner tonight and I hope to see even more improvement tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 12

An ER Visit

Our girl has been struggling with a Crhon's flair for too many days now.  We ended up in our local ER after the school nurse suggested that an emergency room visit was in order.  Thankfully, there was no wait and she was given immediate attention.  We only had to stay a couple of hours...  enough time for some iv fluids, blood work, and a steroid.  I'm hoping that we can keep her hydrated until tomorrow when we see her GI doc.

Monday, February 11

February Paperwhites

The paperwhite bulbs that I bought a few weeks ago have started blooming and are filling the house with their heady scent.  I especially love the ones that are in the playroom window...  they beautify from the inside and the outside.

Saturday, February 9

Eliseea is One

 My little goddaughter, Eliseea, turned one this past week!  We enjoyed a wonderful party at her house, which has been beautifully arranged and decorated by her mama.

Friday, February 8

The Quiet Man

We're watching The Quiet Man for the first time. Have you seen it?

Thursday, February 7

Tea and Cake at Four O'Clock

But today she had her knitting, and the afternoon had gone before she realised it, and here was Emily bringing in the little lacquer tray with the exquisite green china. She smiled with pleasure at the sight of it."

Reading: Young Anne by Dorothy Whipple
Sipping: The Queen's Guard by @bellocq
Nibbling: Blueberry Galette

Tuesday, February 5

Garnet Earrings

Kelly's pretty garnet earrings are fixed! Mr. Kokkinos did a gorgeous job, as always! Interestingly, he is also the jeweler who created the magnificent riza for the myrrh-streaming Hawaiian Iveron Icon of the Mother of God!

Sunday, February 3

The Hedgerow is Gone

The county just came and savagely cut away our hedgerow!

Saturday, February 2

Empty Jam Jars

Empty jam jars make lovely receptacles for small things, especially when they have such nice labels.
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