Sunday, September 29

Sunday Dinner

Roast Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Peas, Stuffing, and Gravy

Thursday, September 26

Misty Morning

Hanging a Beautiful Textile

I've had this textile for several years and have wanted to hang it up forever, but I just couldn't figure out how to do it. In the end, I'm using push pins, but am open to any suggestions that you may have! I feel like this is a big step forward in my quest to have Maude Bailey's decorating aesthetic.

Morning Light

Wednesday, September 25


Seeded eucalyptus is so opulent.

Tuesday, September 24

Making Lemonaide from Lemons


On our way home from the infusion yesterday, I brought my girl to a little independent bookshop to browse.  We were enchanted by this faerie house on one of the shelves.  We also popped into Anthropologie for a few minutes and it was as inspiring as ever. I love making a little lemonaide out of her Crohn's Disease lemons and doing something fun after she has to go through the ordeal of an infusion.

Sunday, September 22

Downton Abbey

My best girl and I went out to see Downton Abbey with some ladies from church this afternoon! 👍👍


We went canoeing for the first time yesterday with people from church. It was fun and I want to do it again!

Saturday, September 21

Day Four of Landscaping


We needed a little barrier between the dirt and the gravel, so we've begun using a huge pile of flagstone from the previous owners of this property. Father John watched video on how to break it apart, so we have a little crew working on breaking rocks, hauling, and stacking.

Friday, September 20

Day Three of Landscaping

We spent yesterday (our third day on this project) moving rocks, putting in compost, and planting 38+ plants and bushes along the front and side of the church and rectory.

Thursday, September 19

Back in the Bleachers

I am not a sporty person, but my husband is. It seems as if the trio inherited his talent and love of basketball. I'm very thankful to have a rec center nearby that encourages them to learn and improve. We came half an hour early to the boys' clinic just so they could shoot some hoops, but the coaches are here and are giving them a little extra instruction before the class starts! Our daughter has aged out of the basketball clinic, but one of the coaches is working with her anyway!

While the children run around the gym, I am content to sit and read. I just finished Bloomsbury at Home by Pamela Todd. 

Wednesday, September 18

Monday, September 16

Fog Delay

This leisurely Monday morning breakfast is brought to us by a Two Hour Fog Delay!

Thursday, September 12

Revolutionary War Newsreel

Our daughter is creating this amazing drawn newsreel of the big events leading up to the Revolutionary War. I just love her illustrations! She's planning to color them in, but I wanted to document the beauty of the pencil drawings before she did.

An Unexpected Rainbow

Wednesday, September 11

September 11

Memory Eternal!

 "God was in the same place on 9/11 that He was on Good Friday - standing over the shattered gates of Hell; trampling down death by death. For in His power, in His love, death is not the end of the story: there is the victory and joy of the Resurrection. "

-Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey 
Pictured is the 9/11 Memorial in Baltimore, Maryland

Monday, September 9


My eye was drawn to the juxtaposition of the rustic wood of this abandoned house and the delicate purity of the flowers leaning against it.  Beauty in an unexpected place, that's for sure!

I tried to get dinner made at three different times today, but kept getting foiled. The first time (at about 10am), I discovered that the chicken had gone bad... just before I poured freshly made marinade over it! The second time (at 5pm), the carbon monoxide alarm kept chirping, so we all headed out to get new batteries for it just to be on the safe side. Third time was the charm. Now we eat!

Sunday, September 8

Sunday Thrills

Today was wonderful:  Liturgy, Sunday dinner, Sundaes and one of the Hobbit movies, and a few rides at the race track!

Saturday, September 7

Saturday, Saturday

As our nine-year-old son chanted happily this morning, "Saturday, Saturday, Where would I be without you, Saturday?" 

We had our first leisurely Saturday morning breakfast of the school year today and I was struck by the dishes that I chose to use. When I got married fourteen years ago, my mantra was "Give Me All White Dishes, or Give Me Death!"  How different things are on our table now!

One of the things that I like the most about Saturdays is the space I have in the day to do whatever strikes my fancy.  Today, I went into Home Goods for a broom... but came out with an Italian terraotta planter and a wastebasket for our daughter's room. Ooops.
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