Thursday, June 30

On the Last Golden Day of June...


Blueberry Picking...


Our annual June trip to pick blueberries was a delight.  The sun shown brightly down on us, but we were able to fit in our visit in the morning before it got too terribly hot.  We gathered nearly seven pounds in very little time (the children are little picking machines!).  It was quite a busy day, so all I had managed to do before dinnertime was to pour the berries from the children's baskets to my big colander in the sink.  However, I just couldn't let the day go by without a blueberry baked good, so I managed to squeak in a sour cream coffeecake with fresh blueberries baked in the middle just before the children took a quick dip in the pool.  Now I am spending my evening flash freezing trays of berries to stock in the freezer for autumn and winter.

Wednesday, June 29


"You're the best mama in the universe, EXCLUDING the Mother of God. Do you know who the best papa is? Papa, EXCLUDING the Lord."

Button, age 6 

Tuesday, June 28

First Sock on the Needles...

Kate got me started on my first sock on Saturday just before Vivienne's baptism.  I tossed needles, yarn, and pattern into the front seat with her instructions to look up videos on the magic loop method of sock knitting when I got home and promptly forgot all about it for the next few days in the hubbub of driving home and jumping right into the weekend of church and unpacking. 

 Now, I have an hour to wait while our older two children take their violin lessons and I am determined to give this new knitting skill a go.  The sock pattern I am using is Amelie and the beautiful yarn is Hedgehog Fibers in the concrete colorway. 

Sunday, June 26

A Snip Here and a Snip There...


We had a late frost this year that absolutely decimated the new leaves on my beloved hydrangea bushes in early spring.  I was very afraid that that it would destroy my chances for blooms this summer, but that wasn't the case!  They are loaded with deep purple flowers.  

The past few Sundays I have spent a little time with a sweet little girl in our church watering the bushes during coffee hour and I really noticed that things were getting overwhelming.  I decided to just go for it and prune some of the foliage and flowers to enjoy indoors and I am so glad that I did!  The bushes look really healthy now and though I plan to prune more as the blooms fade, I think that things looks so much more refined with some of the growth removed.

Thursday, June 23

Good Things to Eat...


I love getting bagels when I am visiting my parents...  there is nothing like a real bagel from my hometown.  My favorite kind in an everything bagel with porkroll and cheese.  That breakfast order completely betrays my origin on this beautiful earth of ours!  

The boys and their Papa finally joined us at Granfather Bear's today.  It was so great to see them after being parted for a few days.  We decided to celebrate by taking a walk to an ice cream shop nearby, which is such a treat!

Wednesday, June 22

The Metropolitan Museum of Art...


Though we had hoped that we would be able to see something on Broadway on our overnight to New York City, the timing didn't quite work out. However, we were able to visit The Met on our second day and that is always a joy!  It was wonderful to see our old friends gracing the walls and discover a few new favorites.  I was particularly struck by the Egyptian piece above...  the floral pattern was breathtaking in person!  

Tuesday, June 21

New York, New York...


Sugar Plum and I took a little overnight ladies trip to New York with some friends from Church. What a whirlwind adventure!  We stayed in a hotel, learned how to navigate the subways without Papa to guide us, visited the American Girl Store and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and saw Times Square.  It was such fun and we are already looking forward to our next excursion!

Sunday, June 19

Happy Papa's Day! all fathers, step-fathers, godfathers, grandfathers, fathers-in-law, and priests!

Joyous Feast!

Blessed art Thou O Christ Our God
Thou hast revealed the fishermen as most wise
By sending down upon them the Holy Spirit
Through them Thou dist draw the world into Thy net
O Lover of Man, Glory to Thee!
The Learning Basket for Pentecost can be found HERE.
The painting is by Mikhail G. Abakumov.

Friday, June 17

Church Painting: Day 25...


Mirona completed the cross on the ceiling late last night and it look glorious!   

Wednesday, June 15

Church Painting: Day 24...


  Mirona has begun to work on the decorations on the cross in the center of the ceiling.  It took a long time to get everything measured and drawn on, but now that things are planned out, the painting is moving right along. 

We had several errands to run this afternoon and I was shocked to see that the fields of hay next door are already being harvested.  I am always surprised that June is haying time, because it always seem like it should be in late August.  The farmers usually sow soybeans after harvesting the hay, so there will be lush fields to gaze at again soon.

Tuesday, June 14

Church Painting: Day 23...


Today was another big day for the church painting because Mirona was able to complete the border and touch up the napkin in the Altar.  It is exhilarating to now have the choir loft, the vestibule, the nave, and now the Altar completed!  Next up is the cross on the ceiling!

I cut a few blooms from two of our hydrangea bushes and am really enjoying them in the living room.  They are adding so much color to the room and along with the blueberry sour cream coffee cake the children and I mixed up before bedtime yesterday, it really feels like summer has arrived!

Monday, June 13

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


In The News
If you enjoyed the illustrations that peppered beloved children's books like The Little House series, Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, and more, than you will enjoy this recent article from The New Yorker on the legacy of Garth Williams.

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
Last Saturday, I was in Vermont holding sweet, little Vivienne and eating the most delectable sour cream coffee cake with my sister, Juliana.  I just had to try my hand at making some and so I found a recipe on King Arthur Flour Company that fit the bill.  I've already tweaked the recipe the second time around, adding blueberries and more of the lovely cinnamon sugar topping (an extra half recipe of the topping).  It is so delicious!

On My Bedside Table
I decided to give Anya Seton another whirl after reading Dragonwyck a few weeks ago.  Katherine is the story of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, the ancestors of most of the British royal family.  It i really a great book and I am really enjoying it.  Thank you to Dianna for suggesting it!

The Blogging World
Dear Kyrie is blogging again!  I am so happy to have her words to read and learn from.

I loved reading this quick article about how French women eat.  It is interesting to compare American culture surrounding food with that of Europe.  There is a lot of glean from them in terms of a healthy relationship with food that I hope to emulate. 

Church Painting: Day 22...


  The church painting has resumed this week and Mirona spent the day completing the border in the choir loft.  It looks so amazing walking into the church from the house now.  As Mirona says. "it looks more precious."

The weather cooled down a lot after a real scorcher yesterday.  Despite the cool temperature, the children still spent time swimming today after working on some math and practicing the violin.  I'm knitting like a fiend on Vivienne's baby blanket and am starting to see the results of my labor.  Mirona and I are going to relax a little tonight with a viewing of The Magic of Ordinary Days.  I can't wait!

Sunday, June 12

Eleven Years...

Happy eleventh anniversary to my beloved better half!
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