Tuesday, July 18

Namesday Cake(s)

Sweet Sugar Plum chose Lemon Bliss Cake with lemon glaze for her namesday cake today.  We baked it in the pan we bought for our recent May 26th birthdays and decorated the little cakes with the spray roses we bought yesterday.  We decided to serve them on our everyday plates at different levels...  one by itself, one on top of an inverted tea cup and one on an overturned mug.  I love how they turned out! 

Joyous Feast of Saint Elisabeth!

Monday, July 17


The fridge is stocked with leftovers from a busy weekend with guests, so lunch was an easy one today.  I enjoyed reading a book while I ate called, The Shopkeeper's Home, and got a lot of inspiration for our house and a little rearranging that I'm in the mood to do.  

We took a little trip to the library this afternoon to get a fresh stack of books.  I'm waiting for a bunch of Prime Suspect dvds to come in.  I enjoyed the recent Prime Suspect: Tennison show that was recently on Masterpiece and I'm now excited to continue the story.  

Our little girl's namesday is tomorrow, so we bought roses for the table and for her cake.  I love the ones that she picked out, don't you?  I'll be wrapping her gifts tonight and setting up the table for her to wake up to.  We have a full day planned and I can't wait!

Thursday, July 13

A Morning Out

I was able to slip away for a little while yesterday morning to visit my friend Lila.  We breakfasted together, wandered around bookshops and antique stores, and talked.  I look forward to our visits so much and always feel so rejuvenated after time with her.

Wednesday, July 12

Tuesday, July 11

I is fior Ivanna

My sister, Kate, embroidered this beautiful piece for my brother- and sister-in-law as a gift.  The "I" in the center stands for their newly-departed newborn daughter's first name, Ivanna.  I have already requested that she make our family one.  Her pattern was taken from Alicia Paulson (Making magazine and her embroidery companion book).

Monday, July 10

Pie and Roses

 I baked a blueberry cream pie this afternoon with my little girl.  It feels good to be back in the kitchen after our week away.

My roses were in good hands while I was gone.  Father John dutifully watered them and they all have buds now.  One bush in particular is covered with blooms!

Saturday, July 8

Our Babies

We are all together again!  The children and I raced home to their dear Papa and arrived just in time for Saturday night church, dinner, and a night in our own beds!

Friday, July 7


We went to Princeton, one of my favorite places, today.  I was able to buy a pizza stone and watch my niece and nephew eat ice creams cones in the quaintest of all ice cream parlors in all the land. 

Thursday, July 6

New Jersey

Now I'm visiting Tristan the Cat Prince...  a.k.a. my Mama and Papa. Only two more days until I see my babies again.

Using a Pizza Stone

While I was visiting Kate this week, I hoped that she would teach me how to use a pizza stone.  She makes delicious pizzas for her family on a regular basis and I wanted to know her secrets!  She showed me what she does and we had such a wonderful dinner of pizza and salad with homemade dressing.  I hope to get a chance to pop into a kitchen shop before I return home to buy a pizza stone for our family so that I can make homemade pizza, too!

Wednesday, July 5

Farmers' Museum

If you ever find yourself in the Cooperstown area of upstate New York, be sure to pop into the Farmers' Museum.  It is a living history museum that has historical interpreters, lovely buildings, gardens, and farm animals.  It is a small area and can be enjoyed in just a few hours.

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