Monday, July 17


The fridge is stocked with leftovers from a busy weekend with guests, so lunch was an easy one today.  I enjoyed reading a book while I ate called, The Shopkeeper's Home, and got a lot of inspiration for our house and a little rearranging that I'm in the mood to do.  

We took a little trip to the library this afternoon to get a fresh stack of books.  I'm waiting for a bunch of Prime Suspect dvds to come in.  I enjoyed the recent Prime Suspect: Tennison show that was recently on Masterpiece and I'm now excited to continue the story.  

Our little girl's namesday is tomorrow, so we bought roses for the table and for her cake.  I love the ones that she picked out, don't you?  I'll be wrapping her gifts tonight and setting up the table for her to wake up to.  We have a full day planned and I can't wait!

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