Wednesday, February 28

Eliseea's Juniper

One of our parishioners gave birth to a lovely little girl earlier in the month and I was asked to be her godmother!  Though I got to see beautiful Eliseea in the hospital, I was very excited to get a chance to hold her and give her a little Juniper bonnet that I made for her today.  I've arranged to make her another bonnet for her baptism...  this time in white!

Tuesday, February 27

A Coral Juniper

Our sweet little girl started this wee bonnet for her violin teacher's new babe on Sunday during our family walk.  She did such a lovely job after taking such a long knitting hiatus.  I think that it has been nearly a year since she's picked up her knitting needles.  She's been focusing exclusively on embroidery, cross stitch, and sewing during that time.

Sunday, February 25

Hazel's Juniper Bonnet

I have two baby goddaughters that need to be kept in bonnets, so I cast onto a Juniper Bonnet by Fox and Folk yesterday afternoon.  It was a little knit and I learned a few new techniques:  icord, seaming knits, and following a simple chart.  This first one went onto sweet Hazel's little noggin' after Liturgy and I will be casting on a second for Eliseea!


We went back to my new favorite wander.  My excuse for this third visit in less than a week is that we had to take Papa to see everything! 

Friday, February 23


 These snowdrop photographs were taken by our seven-year-old...  I wish that I had had a second camera to take a photo of him stretched out on someone's lawn taking direction from his siblings while I was stopped in the car on the side of the road praying the homeowners wouldn't mind.

Thursday, February 22

Back to the House of Enchantment

 We wandered through an enchanted woodland today.  I've known about this place for more than eighteen months, but haven't managed to get to see it until this week.  Once was enough for my children.  Twice is not enough for me.  Who will win this battle?

Wednesday, February 21

A Second Scarborough Fair Skirt

My daughter and I stopped at Hobby Lobby after a doctor's appointment to buy a length of fabric for her second Scarborough Fair Skirt.  She'll be sewing it with her grandmother this week-end. Isn't it lovely fabric?

Tuesday, February 20

Sunshiny Day

I took the trio on a little outing to one of our beaches to play in the water a bit and hike to an old plantation house.  What a glorious day!

Sunday, February 18

One Sleeve Down

 I finally finished the first sleeve on my Ramona Sweater last night! 

Wednesday, February 14

Beatrice and Patience

My sweetheart bought me this gorgeous bouquet of David Austin roses for Saint Valentine's Day at our local flower shop.  I am absolutely swooning over their scent and the delicate color of these beauties.  I am thankful that the florist was able to tell me the names of these blooms (the peach is called Beatrice and the white is Patience)...  I'd love to order a few for our Paschal table.

Tuesday, February 13

A Rough Start

It has been quite a week. 

On Monday afternoon, a man broke into our church.  He pushed through the front doors of the church, breaking the lock on the door.  He ripped one of the Royal Doors off the hinge, and fumbled around in the Altar. Eventually, he knocked on the interior house door and Father John realized at once that something wasn't right with him.  Somehow, Father John had the presence of mind to have the intruder fill out a visitors card after speaking with him for about 15 minutes.  The man revealed that he believes that he is the Messiah and also called himself the Son of Man. Eventually, he left the church, and after playing basketball in the church parking lot for a few minutes, got in his car and left.  Father John called 911 and State Troopers caught up with the guy and came to take Father's statement.  Thank God everyone is okay!  We are hopeful that this man will get the help that he needs!

Then, tonight, our middle son had a basketball game.  In the last few minutes of the game, he was asked to remove his cross by the head of his basketball league.  He refused, saying that he could not for religious reasons, so she benched him for the remainder of the game.  Fortunately, my husband was the parent who brought him to the game and was able to discuss this with the coach, refs, and the head of the league.  They refused to allow our son this religious accommodation (wearing a breakaway chain to prevent injury to anyone playing), so my husband is handling it with the head of the park and recreation for our town.  We'll see what they decide.

Here's hoping for a peaceful and quiet remainder of the week!

Monday, February 12

Amber Horn Buttons

I'm in the midst of knitting the first sleeve on my Ramona Light Cardigan and it is taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  I was encouraged to keep plugging along today when the beautiful buttons that I ordered arrived.  I had envisioned chocolate brown buttons for this sweater, but I think these amber colored horn buttons will be a better match for the yarn and the accessories that I wear on a regular basis.

Sunday, February 11

Hazel Genevieve

It was baptism day for my sweet baby goddaughter Hazel Genevieve today!  She did beautifully and was awake and taking everything in the whole service.  I assembled a candle for her using some velvet flowers, ribbon, and a beeswax candle and it came out pretty well.  I love how it looked with her heirloom baptismal gown, hand knit blanket, and the gold cross that her godfather chose.  May God bless this darling babe. 

Saturday, February 10

Fare Thee Well

Today was the last bacon-y breakfast we will have until Pascha.  It was perfectly paired with homemade pancakes.
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