Thursday, May 7

Tales from Exile: 7 May

I spent a little time searching for the perfect quote for our letter board this month and finally happened upon this one by George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans).  It's lovely for this situation that we find ourselves in.  Lovely for any day and age, when you get right down to it.

Wednesday, May 6

Tales from Exile: 6 May

I look for thin spears of asparagus whenever I am able to shop. They are a true taste of spring for me. I prepare them simply with a bit of olive oil, salt, freshly ground pepper, and some crushed cloves of garlic. They are baked in a hot oven (450 degrees) for ten minutes or so...  just until there are lovely crisp edges. Once they are out of the oven, I grate some Parmesan cheese right on top, which melts perfectly. 

Tuesday, May 5

Tales from Exile: 5 May

My eyes have really been opened to all the many things that are blooming at Rectory House. There are those things that we have chosen to plant: daffodils, lily of the valley, roses, ivy, rosemary, lavender, lamb's ear, hydrangea bushes, etc. And those that just spring up of their own volition: violets, mock strawberry, dandelion, lady's slipper butter cups, etc.

It's been glorious to watch unfold.

Monday, May 4

Tales from Exile: 4 May

The children and I assembled this Ukrainian pysanki egg puzzle in two days. It was lent to us by their grandmother who used to put it together with her mother. It's a wonderful activity to work on during these Paschal days. 

Sunday, May 3

Tales from Exile: 3 May

Here is an evening scene from the couch. My husband and I have taken to seeing a news programme each night which is rather depressing, but also rather addicting. I've also taken to eating dessert while we watch, but it would probably be better if I did some knitting instead. My hands would be busy and my kitchen  washcloth stack would be my better served. That said, I do believe that ice cream and chocolate are medicinal at this particular point of quarantine. What say you?

Saturday, May 2

Tales from Exile: 2 May

My sister sent our daughter a cashmere sweater that took an unfortunate ride through the wash and shrunk. It's a perfect fit for our girl and she looks great in Auntie Juju's style! 

Friday, May 1

Tales from Exile: 1 May

Window stars in Plain Jane white.

To make these you'll need kite paper (though origami will work in a pinch!), a glue stick, and a tutorial from Bella Luna Toys
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