Sunday, July 26

Beauty at the Hospital

My husband had to visit a sweet baby boy at the hospital today to bring him Holy Communion. Please pray for him and his family as he was born with only half a heart. 

The property of the hospital has several beautiful buildings. I loved seeing this tower. I could almost envision Rapunzel letting down her long hair from the turret. Can you see the swan on the weathervane? It is so charming! 

We just finished painting the trim on the house and church building and really need to choose a color for the shutters. I loved the color scheme of this house at the hospital and it would look perfect for our stucco and red tile roof. I have to see if we can get some paint samples to test the sage color!

Saturday, July 25

A New Yarn Project

It's time to start another knitting project. This yarn caked up beautifully.  It's Cascade Ultra Pima color no. 3768. It looks just like cocoa powder in real life.

Friday, July 24


My friend, Mirona, made these wonderful plum and apricot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They are based on the New York Times Plum Torte recipe that we all know and love. They are lovely treats at any time of day. Thank you, dear Mirona!

Thursday, July 23

My Favorite Summer Fruit

There's nothing like a fragrant white peach on a hot summer day.

Thursday, July 2


That is NOT an Earring

I asked our son to run out to snap a picture of the sunset for me. He did a gorgeous job! He also took a selfie and is most anxious for you to know that he DOES NOT have an earring. It is just a bead of water from his recent shower. 😂 

Wednesday, July 1




I have spent this week painting the trim on all of the interior courtyard walls this week, which I am determined to finish before Saturday. We have the blessing of the pool and cross dive on Sunday and I want everything to look nice. I love the contrast of the walls and trim now!


I'm painting trim in the courtyard, admiring these perfect roses, and finishing up The Other Bennet Sister. 


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