Thursday, April 30

Tales from Exile: 30 April


An absolute deluge flew in from out of nowhere this afternoon. The sky turned black and the rain came down in sheets. We lit candles and enjoyed the sound and scent through the open doors of the garden room. Eventually the rain stopped and gave way to a magnificent sunset. The woods looked like they were on fire. I loved seeing the puddles glow. It lasted such a short time, but I am thankful that I witnessed it.

Tuesday, April 28

Tales from Exile: 28 April

My Pascha present just arrived! Fancy maraschino cherries from Yummy Bazaar for sophisticated ice cream sundaes. 

Monday, April 27

Tales from Exile: 27 April

I made sausage and pepper pasta à la Old World Home for lunch today! Here's the recipe: boil some pasta (I used penne today) and sauté some ground sausage and bell pepper (I also sliced in an onion and added salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning). Once pasta is cooked, add a ladle full of pasta water to the sausage pan and a bit of heavy cream. Allow sauce to thicken and then pour over drained pasta. Serve with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Scrumptious! 

Sunday, April 26

Saturday, April 25

Tales from Exile: 25 April

I've been going to a nearby flower farm once in awhile to buy a cheering bouquet of flowers. Though I can take a busy two lane road to get there quickly, I opt to take the back roads.  I love looking at the houses on the way, but this is my favorite thing to pass.

Friday, April 24

Tales from Exile: 24 April

1. Godiva makes pudding mix.
 2. It is delicious. 
3. I forgot that I made pudding for dessert. When I remembered, I pulled the kids out of bed to eat it. 4. They better remember this the next time I scream at them. 😇 

Tuesday, April 21

Tales from Exile: 22 April

  The children left their father and me some presents. I have Iron Man staring me down from my bedside table and my husband has some guy from Star Wars. These kids drive us batty all day long and then we desperately miss them once they've gone off to Dreamland. #cliché

Friday, April 17


Dear faithful, you ARE here and we cry out TOGETHER:

We glorify Thy Passion! We Glorify Thy Burial! We Glorify Thy Resurrection!

Tuesday, April 14

Infusion in the Time of Covid

The Masked Knitter gets an infusion during a pandemic and then hops on the lawn mower tomow part of the garden for her Papa today.

Monday, April 13

Vegan Banana Bread

I wanted to use up the plethora of bananas in the freezer, so vegan banana bread is on the menu today. The recipe on my blog, just type 'vegan banana bread' into the search bar at the top.

Sunday, April 12

Waxing Poetic Over Eggs

We're trying the egg decorating method that @goldnuss posted about a little while ago. She's saved the directions from her stories if you'd care to try!

Joyous Palm Sunday

Joyous Palm Sunday! A parishioner and his wife brought palm crosses for Father John to bless. They will be ready for everyone to receive when this is all over and we can return to church.

Saturday, April 11

Friday, April 10

Farm Cart Tulips

I went to the bank today and stopped for a no contact purchase of tulips from the @masterpieceflowers farm cart. They are so beautiful and uplifting after a rough week.

Tuesday, April 7

Monday, April 6

Homemade Bagels

made everything bagels today from scratch and am so ridiculously proud and mad. One: they taste so amazing... literally JUST like the delicious bagels that I grew up on and have tried to raise our children on. Two: when my sister told me that this recipe made amazing bagels, I totally didn't believe her and ignored her suggestion to make them for YEARS. I am so dumb. Always listen to Kate. Even if she tells you to jump off a bridge, just DO IT. She is right and she will always be right and that is all there is to it. The recipe is called Real Bagels and is on | The seasoning is Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend from the incomparable Trader Joes. 

Sunday, April 5

One Sweater

My #onesweaterpattern is off the needles! I'm going to try to block it tonight so that I can weave in the ends and wear it before it gets too warm!
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