Friday, April 3

Tales from Exile: 3 April

I am obsessed with Persuasion by Jane Austen. I watched one version yesterday, downloaded a free sample of the book on my Kindle app last night, watched a second vision of the movie today, and am thisclose to getting the audiobook read by my fav Juliet Stevenson. I'm not really sure why I am so obsessed, but I am!

One of my darling goddaughters, Vivienne, sent me a watercolor card this week, so I painted her some daffodils. I always want to watercolor in the spring.

The tulips on our table are getting so blousy. Tulips are one flower that looks better and better as they age. 

The bluebells are up!


CallaLilly said...

Lovely! How wonderful that you can paint! My mother paints, but I did not inherit that gene....I inherited the cooking gene from her mother instead :)

Christina said...

Here is a great reading of Persuasion by Elizabeth Klett. It’s free on ( as all reading are) You can even chooses to sign up and make audio reading as well.

I cam across your blog looking for Pascha cheese recipes and stayed to have a look around. I like your blog!

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