Wednesday, July 27

Wilmington, North Carolina | Day One


Charleston, South Carolina | Day Two


Holy Ascension | Charleston, South Carolina

There is a hidden gem in Charleston, and that is the church of Holy Ascension.  The temple was designed by Andrew Gould and is simply breathtaking.   There are numerous details that show just how much artistry and care went into the design and construction of this church.  The gardens are so lovely and the little bit of iconography that they have completed is magnificent.  Visit if you can!

Tuesday, July 26

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens | Charleston, South Carolina

While Father John spent the day filming at Holy Ascension yesterday, the children and I visited Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  We spent some time this past school year studying Harriet Turman and the Underground Railroad, so I was pleased to make this trip to tie everything we read about to a place that we could actually visit.  The nature available for us to observe was astounding.   There were herons, alligators, peacocks, guinea hens, turtles, and more.  It was also lovely to see the plantation home on this vast property.   If you get a chance to visit Charleston,  this is an excellent place to stop.

Monday, July 25

North and South Carolina

We are traveling to both North and South  Carolina for Father's work this week.  I'm most looking forward to our visit to Charleston!

Sunday, July 24

In Full...

There was big announcement today in church...  an anonymous donor paid off the church's mortgage of $318,000 in full!!  Glory to God for all things!


Thursday, July 21

After the Storm...


We noticed that the sky was getting dark just as we finished eating dinner, so we moved to the porch swing to enjoy the storm together. 

 I told the Merry Trio about how when my mother was a little girl, she would run to her grandmother's house down the block when a storm was brewing, so that they could sit together on their wrap-around porch and eat a dish of ice cream during thunder and lightening storms.  The children loved hearing that.

The rain came down furiously for just a few minutes before the sun started peeking through the clouds again.  When the thunder stopped we hopped off the porch and were so happy to find a double rainbow arching over the church.  It was so lovely!
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