Thursday, September 13

The Most Cuddly of Bears

One of the children in our parish has been in the hospital for a benign brain tumor, and has endured five surgeries and one stroke since August 20th. Glory to God, she seems to be on the mend now! A parishioner gave me $50 to buy a teddy bear for her and I found this adorable one made by Steiff on Amazon. Isn't he the sweetest? I hope that Maleah likes him!

Wednesday, September 12

Meet Our New Fish

This is Luna. She likes rose gold and the simple life.

Meet Archibald the Rainbow Prince. He likes disco music and exploring ancient ruins.

Tuesday, September 11

World War II Planes

The boys have been diligently working on a project building WWII aircraft out of popsicle sticks together. They've used a ton of popsicle sticks and the hot glue gun.  I ended up buying a new hot glue gun with high/low heat settings after they got burned for the umpteenth time.  The new one works just as well, but the cooler temp has meant no more burns, which is a relief.  The windshields are made exclusively of hot glue spread in sheets, dried, and glued on. 

 I bought a little set of paint yesterday while I was getting groceries and that was a huge hit.  They mixed the colors that they wanted and have spent hours getting everything just right.  Now they're researching  the correct emblems for their planes.  This has been entirely child driven, which makes me very happy!

Monday, September 10

Putting the Shopping on Hold

Monday has been my menu planning and grocery shopping day of late.  I was really happy that I had the ingredients to make this homemade pizza in the fridge today, though.  It made it easy to wait until the afternoon to go to the grocery store!  My sausage, pepper, and onion pizza was perfect with a side of Vera on the tablet!

Sunday, September 9

Our Girl

This girl. She totally rocked her first week as a seventh grader in public school. Here she is with her little friend who she occasionally takes care of as a Mother's Helper.
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