Wednesday, November 30

On the Last Day of November


Our crape myrtle is nearly devoid of leaves now.  When we were working hard to get our occupation on the church property nearly five years ago, we were required to plant some trees.  Father and I chose four crape myrtles and four thundercloud plums.  The crape myrtles are the gift that just keeps on giving.  They flower in mid-summer and the blooms last for weeks and weeks through the hottest days of summer when everything fades in the strong sun.  Then, in the autumn the leaves are a riot of color from October through November.  

My little girl is knitting a spotted Jack Russell dog for her brother's upcoming namesday.  In order to complete the project, Auntie Kate needed to teach her a new skill called "intarsia," which is something neither Kate nor I have ever done.  I'm amazed and impressed by how quickly Sugar Plum is able to pick these skills up.

Reading Aloud

Auntie Kate, reading aloud from Little House in the Big Woods. 

Sunday, November 27


I do wish you wouldn't argue with me when I'm knitting."

Gerald Durrell 

Saturday, November 26

Sisters Visiting


Kate and I are visiting this week...  there are little puddles of in-progress knitting projects everywhere  turn. 

Thursday, November 24

In Thanksgiving

O Lord, how lovely it is to be Thy guest. Breeze full of scents; mountains reaching to the skies; waters like boundless mirrors, reflecting the sun's golden rays and the scudding clouds. All nature murmurs mysteriously, breathing the depth of tenderness. Birds and beasts of the forest bear the imprint of Thy love. Blessed art thou, mother earth, in thy fleeting loveliness, which wakens our yearning for happiness that will last for ever, in the land where, amid beauty that grows not old, the cry rings out: Alleluia! 

Wednesday, November 23

The Perfect Day


  I began the day with several hours of car ride knitting and ended it with several hours of chatting at a diner with Kate...  so, basically the perfect day!

The Perfect Accompaniment


  Leftover cake makes the perfect accompaniment to some lunchtime reading before afternoon spelling tests, math practice, and a huge stack of Thanksgiving books.

Tuesday, November 22

My Bullet Journal

Show Notes
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Baum Kutchen - My favorite purveyor of Traveler's Notebook journals and other goods
Traveler's Notebook (I have the Notebook in camel, but it also comes in black and brown)


How to Bullet Journal


On the Eve of Our Thanksgiving Holiday

Today was the last day of school before the Thanksgiving holiday and we are all ready to take a break!  After our schoolwork was finished each day this week, we spent hours outside in the cold, autumn air.  Our evenings have been spent in front of the fire reading our huge stack of Thanksgiving books.  Tonight, I remembered that I saw "Molly's Pilgrim" when I was a little girl and was happy to find it on YouTube to watch with our children before bedtime.  I cried my eyes out, but it is a beautiful little film with a lot to teach. 

I've been really enjoying this beautiful lace that my sister and brother-in-law brought us back from their trip to Italy as a thank you for watching sweet Sampson last month.  It looks so wonderful on our dresser and I love walking into our room and spotting it.  It's really a stunning piece and I  am so thankful that my sister thought to bring it back for us!
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