Sunday, May 29

Road Trip Blooms...

Though these roses look a little worse for wear after the four hour trip to Grandfather Bear's, I just couldn't leave them behind.  They perfumed the car the whole way here and now they'll give us sweetly scented dreams.

Saturday, May 28

What I Wish I Had Done...

Things I did today:
1.  Grocery shopped
2.  Made seven meals to freeze and divide between my sister's family and  your family (plus one dinner for an elderly couple in our church)
3.  Cleaned a bathroom
4.  Bought a bakery cake
5.  Attended a baby shower
6.  Saturday night Vesper
7.  All the prep for this coming week

What I wish I could have done:
1.  Cuddled Vivienne

Friday, May 27

The Birthday Club...

My littlest sister made me an auntie again!  Her new little one arrived just after 11 pm.  I was able to wake Sugar Plum up with the news that I had just one more present for her:  a new little cousin to share her birthday with!  May 26 is a glorious day to be born...  it also happens to be her best friend's birthday!

Thursday, May 26

Strawberry birthday...


Our girl has reached double digits!  We had a great day that began with presents in bed and ended with vanilla cake topped with vanilla icing.  It was a beautiful (hot!) day and we were able to spend a little time at the strawberry farm picking our own juicy berries, filling our little baskets.  Hopefully  we will be able to go at least once more before strawberry season is over.  In the meantime, we are savoring every delicious bite! 



Happy, happy birthday to the dearest of daughters!  We love you so much! 

Tuesday, May 24

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


I heard about Julian Fellows' adaptation of Anthony Trollope's Doctor Thorne on Amazon a few weeks ago and was intrigued, but didn't really know much about the storyline.  Once I started watching on Saturday, I was hooked and blew through all four episodes this weekend.  I really loved it!  

In the Kitchen 
It's strawberry season!  Our little girl is turning 10 on Thursday and her dearest wish is to pick strawberries as part of her birthday festivities.  We'll take her after breakfast and gather as many as we can!

On My Bedside Table
I'm reading Dragonwyck after spotting it's gorgeous floral cover in the bookstore.  I'm glad that I borrowed it from the library, because though it is well written, it is basically a teenage romance novel.  I may give one of the author's other books a try because of the rave reviews, but I have a feeling that Anya Seton's books are not for me.  The covers are amazing, though!

Out of Doors
The weather has been so chilly and gray lately that I have put off getting our window boxes sorted out, but I think that this is the week that it will happen.  I love picking out the plants that go in and think that I may have finally decided on what I'm going to buy this year.  Stay tuned for more details!

 It is so hard to believe that we have a child who will be DOUBLE DIGITS in a few short days.  We have a nice day planned, God Willing.  Her gifts are already wrapped, but I am hoping to find a bit of ribbon to tie around her packages.  We have a big surprise for her main gift and I cannot wait to give it to her!

Saturday, May 21

An Evening at the Beach...


Last night was the first time we've been to the beach for a bonfire this year. We brought a little firewood with us (along with peanut butter and jam sandwiches), but the children ended up scavenging quite a lot of wood that other beach-goers left and dried beach grass for kindling.  It was chilly and we went a lot later than usual, but we were able to spot dolphins frolicking near the shore, sea gulls grabbing a dinner of wriggling crabs, and sandpipers darting over the wet sand.  Wild ponies and red-winged blackbirds rounded out our nature sightings.  We left the beach after sunset, which gave us lots of time to really enjoy our fire.  It was so wonderful to breathe in that smoky, salty air again.

Friday, May 20


  It's quite exciting to be able to fill out my weekly bunch of grocery store flowers (in this case, $8 of pale pink spray roses) with greenery from the garden again (hydrangea leaves, parsley gone to flower, and two branches from a fragrant bush in the courtyard).
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