Friday, April 28

A Place to Lay Her Head


Our little girl finished embroidering the first of a pair of pillowcases.  She bought the kit at Hobby Lobby after carefully saving her allowance for a worthy purchase.  I am so impressed by all of her hard work and can hardly believe that our ten year-old is able to create such beauty!

Thursday, April 27


If she had been a rich woman she would have given presents to every one she knew, and it was actually a luxury for her to do something for the Cupps, who she always felt were continually giving her more than she paid for.  the care they took of her small room, the fresh hot tea they managed to have ready when she came in, the penny bunch of daffodils they sometimes put on her table, were kindnesses, and she was grateful for them." 

Frances Hodgson Burnett 

Wednesday, April 26

My Own Sunshine


It was another gloomy day weather-wise, but I made my own sunshine with fresh flowers for the table and a return to my knitting.  When things get busy, my knitting and reading get cast aside...  now that things have started to settle down, I can concentrate on some leisure activities.  I'm in the midst of knitting my first Amelie Sock and am slowly reading Few Eggs and No Oranges.  


Tuesday, April 25

The Day of Joy


It poured and poured today.  We've kept the fire going for the past two days to ward off the chill and it's cheerful glow has kept morale up in the process.  

Today is the Day of Joy in the Orthodox Church.  It is the day that Orthodox Christians sing memorial services and remember their dearly departed loved ones.  We had a service at church this morning and afterward one of our parishioners gave me a pussy willow tree to plant in the garden.  Hopefully we'll have pussy willows to bless for Palm Sunday next year.  We need to find a wet and sunny spot to plant it.

We've been recuperating from our busy weekend (and really, we're still recovering from Pascha).  The most we've accomplished in the last two days has been a little remedial housework and our schoolwork...  we're all just so tired! I anticipate a few more lazy days until we're back to our usual selves.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to listen to our bodies and rest.  Why is that so hard to do?! 

Monday, April 24

The Holy Fire


We were very blessed to be able to bring the Holy Fire home with us last night!  Our dear friends (and two of our children's godparents) were able to get the Holy Fire on Bright Monday and have passed it out to several churches in New Jersey.  It was a little stressful to keep the candles lit on the long way home, but Glory to God, we got it here! 

Sunday, April 23

Snapshots from Anna's Shower


Bridal Shower Menu
Tortellini Salad
Crudité Platter 
Cheese Platter
Assorted Cakes

Saturday, April 22

Bright Saturday


Rejoice, O holy and divine abode of the most high!  For through you, O Theotokos, joy is given to those who cry:  Blessed are you among women, O all-undefiled Lady!    
My sisters and I spent the day getting some errands done for Anna's bridal shower and her upcoming wedding.  It was a fun day for us all!
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