Saturday, March 9

Silver Dollar Pancakes

I just don't know why it has taken me nearly thirteen years to introduce our children to the simple joy that is silver dollar pancakes!  They are so simple to make (especially with a minute ladle) and bring such happiness to the breakfast table.  It is too bad that I remembered them on the last day to breakfast on such things before Pascha.

Friday, March 8

Living Things

We took a trip to my favorite grocery store today and saw some wonderful things on the way there. There were hundreds of snow geese dipping and soaring over some of the fields.  The photo simply doesn't do justice to their beauty.  It was also amazing to see a few pigs at one of the farms nearby!  They were adorable!

Wednesday, March 6

An Afternoon Movie

We enjoyed an afternoon viewing of the movie Christopher Robin today!  It was just added to Netflix and we've wanted to see it for a long time.  I kept tearing my eyes away to gaze at the gorgeous flowers my sister and brother-in-law sent for my birthday yesterday.  Aren't they wonderful?!

Tuesday, March 5

Monday, March 4

Cherry Galette

I've been wishing for a cherry galette for days and days. I can't wait for a slice of this!
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