Monday, January 16

Saturday, January 14

Bright and Shiny Copper


I had to run an errand for my husband at Staples and wandered in to Marshalls the other day.  I found these gorgeous copper pots on clearance, with was a very exciting find.  There were many different sizes of saute pans and small saucepans there.  Copper pans have been on my wishlist for years and I have given a great deal of thought to the size pots I would actually use.  I was able to resist buying pots and pans that I don't need and will be on the lookout for two larger lidded pots in the future.

Friday, January 13

Goodbye, Tree


The children and I took down the tree soon after breakfast today.  They dragged it out to the Christmas Tree graveyard in the woods, while I tucked the ornaments into the attic and brought the stand to the shed.  Christmas has been put to bed!

Tuesday, January 10

Snow Tableau

Our middle son made a little snow tableau of Hoth, an ice planet in Star Wars, with his Lego figures today.

Monday, January 9



After two days of being snowbound, we were ready to get out today.  We had cleaned off the van yesterday while the snow was powdery, and so today we were able to take a little trip to the store for a few essentials and items to complete several projects. For the past few months, our dishwasher has been on the blink, so we also took a trip to choose a new one (which we found discounted 50%).  Mr. Miguel helped us cart the new one home, install it, and get rid of the old dishwasher.  We also fixed a bathroom fan and framed a picture for our daughter's bedroom.

Despite the busyness of tending to our lessons and taking care of all of those errands and projects, we were still able to enjoy the peaceful stillness that comes with a glorious snow day.  There was a fire in the grate, mugs of steaming cocoa, and wedges of cranberry crumb cake to accompany us with our knitting and reading.  Father John and I also started watching Downton Abbey together - me for the second time and him for the first.  I certainly hope that this is not the only stow we get this winter, but if it is, we took full advantage of these past few days!

Sunday, January 8

January Nature Table


In a fit of frenzied tidying and cleaning last night, I put away the lovely Nativity set that graced our nature table in December and set out this pretty print of rabbits in the snow and the family of Ostheimer deer.  I spent a few minutes crocheting some scarves for the deer out of a little bit of scrap yarn while my husband and I watched a little Downton Abbey.  I love setting this little table up and surprising the Trio with a new scene every few weeks.  
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