Monday, January 14

Our 2019 House Blessing

Goodbye, Christmas

It was sad to take down our Christmas decorations today, but we had a snow day and some time to get things done.  I left up the eucalyptus garland on our console table and left up/set up a few wintry vignettes around the house for cheer.  I adore winter and am so glad that we have a little snow and that it is properly cold now.

Saturday, January 12

Movie Star Sightings

Out and about with a movie star, Dahlings. What are you up to this week-end?

Blooming in Captivity

Feed the Birds

I've neglected my birds this winter and want to do a better job. I filled the feeder this morning in preparation for a little bit (1" to 3") of snow we expect this weekend. This little tray reminds me of the bird feeders in Gerda Muller's books. 

Friday, January 11

Rose Perfection

I popped into my favorite local florist today to get a bunch of eucalyptus, but ended up leaving with three of the most perfect roses!

Thursday, January 10

In the Warm Sun

My breakfasts are normally eaten before sunrise now, but I waited until after school drop off and a trip to the market today.  It is glorious to eat in the sun on a frosty January morning.

In the Bleachers

I found the Persephone biannually that I didn't get a chance to read under the couch last night. It coordinates with today's outfit : my favorite grey pullover, yesterday's trousers, and my old boots with the ground down heels and a fresh polish.

I wish I had a video for you of our daughter playing defense! At one point she was hanging on to the ball and being lifted off the ground and swung by one of the girls on the opposing team.

Wednesday, January 9


The sky today was so dramatic today. It seemed like there was going to be a big storm, but nothing came from them.  I love muted colors of winter and I seem to be dressing in them unconsciously, too!

Tuesday, January 8


It was so exciting to get to meet Silas this past weekend. He's perfect!
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