Wednesday, March 22

Twelve Minutes to Spare


We took a little trip on Monday for my husband to attend a conference and for me to help my mother and sister with a few things.  I decided to challenge myself to finish the body of my Palmyre shawl before we returned home from this little getaway.  I finished up with twelve minutes to spare!  Now on to the lace...

Tuesday, March 21

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy birthday to my beloved better half! He left for a conference at 6:30 this morning and came back at 10:30 tonight. Our son's dear godmother knew that today would be a difficult day for us to bake him a cake (we are away from home), so she kindly visited a Lenten/vegan bakery, bought him a delicious chocolate birthday cake, and dropped it off this afternoon for us to surprise him with. Isn't that amazing? 

Monday, March 20

As it Passes


  Teach us...  that we may feel the importance of every day, of every hour, as it passes."

Jane Austen

Sunday, March 19

Sunday of the Cross

  The decorated Cross for this Sunday at my father-in-law's church is so beautiful.

Saturday, March 18

Happy Namesday, Button!



Button has been begging to be taken to the local trampoline park and his namesday seemed like the perfect opportunity!  We went for a little while in the morning and spent the day playing and relaxing (with a little cake baking thrown in!).  We had namesday cake after church and Papa entertained the Trio with stories about the Saints.  It was a lovely day!

Friday, March 17

Bursting with Energy


  On one hand, I've totally procrastinated on my Lenten Cleaning, essentially doing no deep cleaning or organizing for the past three weeks. On the other hand, I took advantage of a quiet day, extra energy, and sick kids, by deep cleaning three bathrooms (and organizing the drawers, cabinets, and line closets), the hallway and entrance (plus cleaning and organizing the dvd cabinet), living room (and organized the books, baskets, drawers, and cabinets), watered the house plants, swept the sun room, filled the bird feeder, and dumped lots of trash and recycling.  I find that I have to take advantage of these bursts of cleaning energy rather than trying to force myself to do something each day...  especially when we have a lot going on with school and church life.

Thursday, March 16


I'm nearly finished with the first skein of yarn for the Palmyre Shawl that I'm knitting for the Lenten Knit Along on Instagram.  This project bag was a recent buy...  I just love the gorgeous embroidery of blue delphinium and Queen Anne's Lace (our wedding flowers)!  
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