Tuesday, March 2

All This Without You

All This Without You is Juliana Bibas' most recent book. It just arrived and I've already blown through the first five chapters. I love reading fiction and this is no exception. Juliana's writing is fabulous. Plus, the main character is an Orthodox mama! I'm pretty sure that I haven't read a book that I have ever identified with so much. You can purchase this book from Amazon (paperback or kindle)! 

Monday, March 1



Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman was a super intense book that I read in three days. I have her next memoir coming through interlibrary loan. Has anyone watched the Netflix show by the same name? 

Sunday, February 28

The Start of Rikke

I cast on to the hat that I am knitting a parishioner. The pattern is for a Rikke Hat. I'm not quite sure if this hat is what I will end up with, though. It may be too slouchy for the person it is intended for, but I cannot see her in a lacy hat or a more masculine ribbed hat. We'll see what happens! 

Saturday, February 27


 I am knitting a hat for a parishioner and my yarn order came today! I bought a skein of MadelineTosh dk in the colorway Pebble. I can't remember the last time that I bought MadelineTosh yarn. The colors are always so lovely and the vinegary smell of the yarn is intoxicating. I couldn't wait to wind it.

Friday, February 26

More Light

A very rare beam of light in our interior bedroom 

Fast-Free Friday

I popped by the bakery (that sounds better than saying Panera, doesn't it?) on the way to school today to treat the older children to a pastry and I brought home this delectable chocolate croissant for our youngest and a bear claw for myself.  We will be doing this more often! 


After months of waiting, the roof is finally in progress on the arch! 

Thursday, February 25

French Onion Soup

Making French Onion Soup is a bit of a labor of love, but it is worth it! I made this batch late last night after taking the children ice skating, which meant that it got to age a bit and was just perfect for today's lunch. We'll have plenty to enjoy over the next several day and I plan to give some to Father Joseph, a retired priest in our parish, as he loves French Onion Soup!

Recipe HERE.

Morning Light

I was spellbound by this glorious sight this morning as I was listening to my audiobook (Jane Austen at Home). The morning light and cloud formations are usually spectacular here and I am lucky that I get to enjoy them while I drive my children to school. 

Still Beautiful


Beautiful to their very last.

Wednesday, February 24

Ice Skating

We had our little local rink to ourselves for a little bit this afternoon. The children haven't been ice skating in about a year and were thrilled to go today! 

Rosemary and Roses

 This $4 bunch of spray roses was instantly transformed into a bit more with some rosemary cut from our garden. The herbs we've planted over the past two years are such a wonderful addition. I've been using them in our cooking and in flower arranging, but they has also brought so much life to the garden in the from of the house. Having them in the window boxes has been great, because our weather here is typically mild and allows them to remain edible and mostly green throughout the winter months. It's almost time to refresh them and I can't wait!
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