Monday, May 10

Paschal Roses

These Paschal roses are amazing! I typically have pots of hyacinths around making the air smell lovely, but Pascha fell too late this year. 

Saturday, May 8

Accidentally Pink


I accidentally bought some pink Oriental lilies for church (we only wanted white flowers for Pascha), but they look so pretty by the front door. 

Friday, May 7

Greek Pascha Bread

I have been using the Food Network's Greek Easter Bread recipe for years and we love it! I think that this year's bread turned out the best it ever has! 

Thursday, May 6

2021 Pascha Basket

Greek Pascha Bread, Cheese, Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Chocolate, and Cheese Pascha! 
I can't believe that I forgot the sparkling cider! 

Wednesday, May 5

Summer Haircut!


Our traditional Pascha dessert is always trifle! I make Paula Deen's pound cake recipe, mix up some vanilla pudding, make a fruit salad (this was strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries), and make lashings of homemade whipped cream. Layered all together in a Trifle bowl, it is a quite a sight! 

Tuesday, May 4


This was the first year that we had Luminaries lighting the church property. They were suggested and carried out by one of our parishioners and I am so thankful that she made this happen! They really brought a sense of festivity to our celebrations! 
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