Wednesday, June 30


This puzzle has given me a day of joy! It's the second time I've done it this year.

Camont Puzzle by Rifle Paper Co.

Monday, June 28

Herbs in the Fridge


I listened to @parisiennefarmgirl and bought some fresh herb bouquets for the fridge. I will be doing this henceforth and forevermore. 

Potato Salad

 Simple French-Style Potato Salad (Minimalist Baker) and a bouquet from the flower stand... a good start to another v v busy week. 

Saturday, June 19

Poor, Unfortunate Souls

What a horrible childhood these children have. 

Friday, June 18

A Bouquet of Flowers

Look at these beautiful flowers from Juliana and Alex! They spoil me! 

How is This Week Over?

We spotted the Blue Angels practicing for the air show when we went crabbing.

I can't stand that this week with my sister is over already.  

Mrs. Teaberry


We spotted Mr. Putter and Mrs. Teaberry crabbing today! They even had Zeke with them! I suspect Tabby was home waiting for them to return home with ingredients for a delicious dinner.

Thursday, June 17

Deacon Stephen

We're returning home from our beloved deacon's funeral today. The scenery to and from Johnstown, Pennsylvania is breathtaking and I am working on some yarn de-tangling while we drive. 

Wednesday, June 16

Silas and Vivienne

My sister and her darling babies are visiting us this week! 


Quail Eggs and Hydrangea

What's Old is New

Magna Tiles have been a huge hit around here. Turns out that you just have to box toys up and bring them to the attic for a few months. When they come out for the cousins, they seem new again 

Saturday, June 12

Swan Spotting

This swan was floating in a pond not far from Saint Tikhon's Monastery in South Canaan, Pennsylvania. 


We're visiting Saint Tikhon's Orthodox Monastery and Seminary this weekend so that Father can officiate at the wedding of one of our parishioners. The church is breathtaking, isn't it? 

Thursday, June 10

Marry Me Chicken


When I made Marry Me Chicken (recipe on Modern Honey's website) a few months ago, I knew that I wanted to make it to serve over tortellini the next time I made it. I doubled the sauce and added a bag of baby spinach after the chicken was done. It was so delicious! Next time I will thicken the sauce a bit, but otherwise it was a hit. 

Sage Green


Two weeks ago the shutters were reddish terracotta. Last week they were polished marble. This week they're sage. We're going to be keeping the sage and will not be painting them again for twenty years. Also, there were literally only three people (out of 80+ who were here for weekend services and 40+ who were here for Ascension services last night and today) who noticed the change, so...

Hiding in the Ivy

Monday, June 7

Rosemary and Roses

Triple Berry Cheesecake Pie


I purchased a triple berry cheesecake pie to share on Saturday's knit night and happily there was some left over! When you don't even know how many days you've been painting the outside of the house, you get dessert after lunch! 

Sunday, June 6


Our baby is eleven today!! Where did the years go? 

Crab Feast

We're having a crab feast at church today! 

Saturday, June 5


My husband and I used wire and screws to espalier four pyracantha bushes on Saturday (we have two more to go). One of our Parishioners, Pat, planted them about three years ago and we just let them grow wild until now. I already really like how they look, but just imagine how lovely they will be in a few years! Hopefully we'll finish the job this week. 

Friday, June 4


We went camping for the first time this week (although we had a practice night in our backyard a couple of weeks ago) and it was fun! Camping is literally the last thing I ever though we would do or that I would enjoy, but we had a good time! There are some things that we will do next time to make it a bit more enjoyable, but we're already planning the next camping adventure.

Painting Trim

It took FOUR coats to cover the brown paint! 
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