Wednesday, January 29


Our Homeschool Review is done for the first half of the year!

Saturday, January 25

One Year

Koliva for a parishioner's husband's one year memorial service

The Week of January 19

 In My Knitting Basket: The Parkington Throw knit with Cascade 220 in the Winter White colorway and held double on size 10 needles. 
In the Church: The Feast of Saint Brigid (February 1st) and The Meeting of the Lord (February 2nd) Saint Brigid's Cross and The Life of Saint Brigid

Thursday, January 23

Tuesday, January 21

Homeschool Hot Lunch

Such a chilly day calls for Homeschool Hot Lunch!

Goodbye, Christmas

I am finally watching the Call the Midwife Christmas Special (as I take down the Christmas tree).

Juniper Bonnet

I finished this Fox&Folk Juniper Bonnet without lace (for a recently born baby boy parishioner) in early January, but only just blocked it. We had nothing that resembled a baby's head to let the wet bonnet dry in the correct size and shape, so my daughter and I fashioned a hand towel and rubber bands into a head. It worked well!

Gingerbread Beauties

My Aunt Susan gave me these gorgeous gingerbread tile cookies when I saw her at Christmas. They are pretty and tasty! Thank you, Auntie Susie!

Saturday, January 18

The Week of January 12

In My Knitting Basket: The Parkington Throw knit with Cascade 220 in the Winter White colorway and held double on size 10 needles.
In the Kitchen: We're back to our everyday dishes
On My Bedside Table: My Life in France by Julia Child  
In the Church: The March for Life 

Thursday, January 16

One Repeat

One repeat done for my Parkington blanket. It's such a gorgeous pattern. I really love knitting lace!

Bebe Brie

I made a cheese board for the Christmas celebration we had on Sunday and was so excited to find petite brie cheese for sale at one of our shops. The perfect portion!

Tuesday, January 14

Knitting Again

I've decided to knit a throw blanket for the living room, a useful project for two reasons: to keep me warm whilst it's on my needles and also, of course, to keep me warm once it is finished. This pile of yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in color no. 910A, which @theloopyewe calls Winter White. I'm going to try my hand at the Parkington Throw Blanket. I really just want to watch Foyle's War and knit, but I have to be responsible and go to bed. 😀

Monday, January 13

House Blessing

We had my husband's family over for the last hurrah of Christmas yesterday and ended up pressing my father-in-law into service to bless our house! A new vlog is heading to Youtube tonight and contains footage from the blessing, if you'd like to see it!

Sunday, January 12

Our Christmas Feast

We are celebrating Christmas with my husband's side of the family today.  I made all the appetizers (The cheese platter and sausage stuffed peppers were the best things that I made), while my sister-in-law made the dinner (with some help from our mother-in-law). My brother-in-law's family lives in near an excellent Italian bakery, so they also brought the desserts! What a feast!

Saturday, January 11

More Vignettes

The Week of January 5th

The Week of January 5th: Theophany, returning to school and basketball after Christmas Break, and the last celebration of Christmas

Thursday, January 9

Bleacher Report

We had two nail biter games for the boys tonight. The older the children get, the more thrilling it is to watch them. The parents, on the other hand, are getting more opinionated. πŸ™„ #bleacherreport

Tuesday, January 7

Old Calendar Christmas

Today is Christmas for those Orthodox Christians on the Old Calendar.  My parents and siblings all celebrate today, so I made homemade whipped cream and hot chocolates in our Christmas mugs to celebrate with them in spirit! Christ is Born!

Monday, January 6

Joyous Feast!

Joyous Feast of Theophany!

The Foxed Quarterly

I bought the No. 32 issue of the Foxed Quarterly on Ebay before Christmas and have been really enjoying it! Their podcast is alsoπŸ‘Œ.

Sunday, January 5

Many Years!

I was so honored to become a godmother again yesterday! A family of five joined the Orthodox Church yesterday. It was such a beautiful service! These pretty candles were made by a fellow parishioner. Photos by our thirteen-year-old daughter.
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