Thursday, April 29

For Christ's Tomb

Flowers to pass out at Christ's Tomb tomorrow 

Wednesday, April 28

Unction on Great and Holy Wednesday

Longchamp Le Pliage

My new spring/summer handbag arrived a few days ago. I used to carry a Longchamp open tote in the warm weather, but once they discontinued that style, I just kept my leather tote from autumn/ winter all year long. I've wanted something more lightweight but still roomy, so I decided to just go with the medium top handle le pliage in black. I love it so far! 

Saturday, April 24

Junque Shop Treasures

I've had junque shop dry spell lately, so it was a treat to come away today with three treasures: a pretty mirror, a planter, and an ironstone crock (and lid!!) that will be perfect for birdseed. 

Friday, April 23


The first thing I drop into my Trader Joes cart is always a bunch of eucalyptus. 

The Joys of Spring

Thursday, April 22

Infusion Day

Our daughter has added learning the art of macrame to the list of things she has mastered in her brief fourteen years on earth.

Also, she is my fashion icon. She looks chic and well put together despite having to rise at 4:30 am for doctors appointments and an infusion in Baltimore.

Tuesday, April 20

Pollyanna Pocket Dress in Linen

The fabric is washed and ironed, the pattern printed (an @ginareneedesigns #pollyannapocketdress), and the daughter measured. Now, to trace the pieces of the pattern in her size. 

Peaches & Creme Ecru Cotton Yarn

Monday, April 19

Dress Linen

Some lovely linen fabric from @fabricsstorecom arrived today. Our daughter will be making two springtime dresses with it and I can't wait to see how they turn out The! She's hoping to wear the Falcon Gray dress to church on Pascha. The fabric is in the wash now and will hopefully be dried and ironed tonight. I'm also going to send the pattern to the printer this afternoon. Hopefully she'll be able to start working on the first one tomorrow. 

On the Mantle

Darling Buds of April

Sunday, April 11

The Greek Vegan's Roasted Potatoes

Do yourself a favor and Google The Greek Vegan's Roasted Potatoes. They're delicious. I doubled the marinade and made a whole 5lb bag of russet potatoes. Delicious and filling! 

Our Funny Boy

This funny boy has been waiting to be buried in the sand again since last summer. Today was the day! It was pretty cold at the beach, but I dozed in the sun swaddled in towels, my husband read a bit (the only one who dressed appropriately), and the Merry Trio played in the sand. 

Drooping Tulips

Saturday, April 10

Brass Tray

I love this little brass footed tray I bought from found_and_collected last week. It corrals all of my things so attractively! 

Friday, April 9

Maldon Sea Salt & Maple Syrup Pecans

Maldon Sea Salt & Maple Syrup Pecans

Lightly toast pecans in a dry cast iron skillet. Drizzle maple syrup over pecans and mix to coat. Spread on parchment paper and sprinkle with flaky sea salt. Enjoy!

On My Bedside Table

Prince Phillip

Memory Eternal, dear Prince Philip.

Prince Phillip was raised as an Orthodox Christian. His mother, Princess Alice of Battenburg was an Orthodox Nun who sheltered many Jewish refugees during World War II and began a convent that was modeled after the one her aunt, Princess Elisabeth (Saint Elisabeth the New Martyr), began in Moscow.

Thursday, April 8

Italian Opulance

While our car was getting serviced today, I popped into Home Goods and found this great pot for the garden. I love the combination of elegance and fairytale and think it fits the rectory's Mediterranean style. 
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