Sunday, January 31

Snow Day!



Tuesday, February 2nd is The Meeting of the Lord, which commemorates when The Mother of God and Saint Joseph brought the Infant Jesus Christ to the Temple at 40 days old. Our church blesses candles after Liturgy. This is one of my favorite feasts! 

Snow before Liturgy

Saturday, January 30

Freshening Up Corners

We used to have my great-grandmother's antique desk by the front door, but our daughter needed it to do her schoolwork more easily. As a result, I've been on the hunt for a nice table for months.  Today was my lucky day! This was reasonably priced at a nearby antique shop, so she came home with us! My husband likes it so much that he has been threatening to take it into the church! He'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead fingers!

Friday, January 29

Wasn't She Just Born?

It's hard to believe that this infant is ready for her first bank account. 

Celebrating Friday

Dark chocolate covered strawberries for no reason as all. 



I have been looking for a cyclamen plant since December and accidentally spotted this beauty when I was in the hardware store for a bird feeder. 

Wednesday, January 27

An Elegant Hair Thing

I've been using hair forks almost exclusively for my hairstyles for years. These just seem so much more romantic and elegant than a plastic claw clip or hair elastic. My newest acquisitions are these gorgeous handmade brass hair forks from tkiDesigns on Etsy. I love the way the brass changes and ages over time. 

Monday, January 25


Nineteen Hundred House

I finished my seven Nineteen Hundred House dishcloths up tonight! All ends are woven in and they're ready to be pressed into service tomorrow! 

All Creatures Great and Small,413 
“All Creatures Great and Small,” the latest incarnation of the popular tales of a veterinarian in 1930s Yorkshire, struck a chord when it debuted in Britain last fall. 
Nicholas Ralph stars as James Herriot. To prepare for the series, all the principal actors went to “vet boot camp,” he said. 
Who else is watching the remake of "All Creatures Great and Small"?  We are watching it as a family and love it!  

Sunday, January 24

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner: chicken stew and buttermilk drop biscuits slathered with butter and jam 

Saturday, January 23

Babette's Feast


I'm watching Babette's Feast for the first time today. It's lovely. I read the short story last year and am finally getting to the film. 

Wednesday, January 20

Little Violinist

He won't let me take photos or videos of him playing, so I had to sneak this one 

Seven Dishcloths in Seven Days

I'm attempting to knit seven dishcloths in seven days. I'm hoping to replace a few ratty ones and bulk up my dishcloth basket at the same time. The pattern is Nineteen Hundred House Dishcloth from @chalklegs. The yarn is some black cotton from our local Walmart. 

Tuesday, January 19

The 90's are Back

My dentist loves wallpaper. Though I find his choices in the exam rooms to be questionable, the bathroom wallpaper is gorgeous. 

Winter House

The book above is a gem: Winter House by Charlotte Moss 

Monday, January 18

Winter Blooms

bought these hellebore plants a few weeks ago and just popped them in the ground today by the birdbath. Cheers to plants that bloom in the winter! 

Saturday, January 16

French Onion Soup

My sister and her family surprised us with a gorgeous Dutch Oven for Christmas - a truly generous and lovely gift! This has been on my wish list for years and I can't believe I finally get to cook with one!
The first recipe I made in it was French Onion Soup.  The recipe is HERE

Tuesday, January 12

Combating Panic

Combating rising anxiety with good food and some of my favorite things on in the background. Today's choices are ravioli and someMr. Thornton. Later, I'm hoping for a long bath in candlelight. 

House Blessing


Jack Frost was Here

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