Saturday, January 21

Washington D.C. from a Hotel

We got a great deal on a hotel room near the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery. I asked the clerk at the lobby desk if she would give us the highest room possible because I love looking out at the city lights. She went above and beyond with a room on the eleventh floor overlooking all of the beautiful monuments in Washington D.C. What a treat!

Saint Nicholas Cathedral


Sunday, January 15

Potting Bench

Our daughter is using the coffee table as a potting bench to trim her plants and root the cuttings for friends. 🌱🌿🪴

Thursday, January 12

2023 Books Read: The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

I finished my first book of 2023, The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. It was really good and had me longing for a real slice of New York Pizza... so I got one!

Sunday, January 8

Jane Eyre

I'm so happy that Jane Eyre is available on Prime once again! I love this movie (though my daughter likes to make fun of it!) And am feeling the need to reread it once again! 

Thursday, January 5


Leveling Up

My iron died last night, so armed with a 20% off coupon and a giftcard, I bheaded to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I ended up with a Rowwnta iron that cost me about the same as a cheapo iron from Walmart. It's perfect for cloth napkins, tablecloths, and occasional blouses and dress dhirts that I typically need to tend to. I always enjoyed ironing, but this will make it even more pleasurable.

New Old Books

Our library has an area where you can buy discards or books that people no longer want. Today was my lucky day because for the grand total of $3, I came away with two Sarah Ban Breathnach titles and All the Light We Cannot See. Here's an excerpt that lives in my head rent-free:

 "Eggs crack. Butter pops in a hot pan. Her father is telling an abridged story of their flight, train stations, fearful crowds, omitting the stop in Evreux, but soon all of Marie-Laure's attention is absorbed by the smells blooming around her: egg, spinach, melting cheese.

  An omelet arrives. She positions her face over its steam. "may I please have a fork?"

  The old woman laughs: a laugh Marie-Laure warms to immediately. In an instant, a fork is fitted into her hand.

The eggs taste like clouds. Like spun gold. Madame Manec says, "I think she likes it," and laughs again.

  A second omelet soon appears. Now it is her father who eats quickly.

"How about peaches, dear?" murmurs Madame Manec, and Marie-Laure can hear a can opening, juice slopping into a bowl. Seconds later, she's eating wedges of wet sunlight."

All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr

Wednesday, January 4

Birds in Flight

We pulled into our driveway and were collecting our bags and coats to dash through raindrops to the front door, when a flock of birds flew overhead into the trees. What a glorious sight!

Monday, January 2

Back to the Grind

We're back in the swing of things after a lovely Christmas break...  I wish that our time off extended through Theophany!

Enjoying it While it Lasts

It's just a matter of time before the county comes and mows down this hedgerow.

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We had our first New Years Day Soirèe for Coffee Hour!

Happy New Year!

Mulled Cider

I bought this mulling syrup from Woodstove Kitchen at Fresh Market the other night on a whim and whipped up some mulled apple cider. It was so delicious! I've wanted to try mulled wine or mulled cider for several years, especially after seeing mulled wine being served with mince pies (another treat I was able to sample this year) on a show about Christmas celebrations in English manors (An American Aristocrat's Guide to Great Estates, Episode 10 Christmas at Mapperton). I'm so glad that I found this, as it was delicious and particularly enjoyed by my husband!

Christmas Break Puzzle

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