Thursday, January 5

New Old Books

Our library has an area where you can buy discards or books that people no longer want. Today was my lucky day because for the grand total of $3, I came away with two Sarah Ban Breathnach titles and All the Light We Cannot See. Here's an excerpt that lives in my head rent-free:

 "Eggs crack. Butter pops in a hot pan. Her father is telling an abridged story of their flight, train stations, fearful crowds, omitting the stop in Evreux, but soon all of Marie-Laure's attention is absorbed by the smells blooming around her: egg, spinach, melting cheese.

  An omelet arrives. She positions her face over its steam. "may I please have a fork?"

  The old woman laughs: a laugh Marie-Laure warms to immediately. In an instant, a fork is fitted into her hand.

The eggs taste like clouds. Like spun gold. Madame Manec says, "I think she likes it," and laughs again.

  A second omelet soon appears. Now it is her father who eats quickly.

"How about peaches, dear?" murmurs Madame Manec, and Marie-Laure can hear a can opening, juice slopping into a bowl. Seconds later, she's eating wedges of wet sunlight."

All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr

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