Sunday, September 17

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead

In My Garden
My roses continue to delight me!  I do need to give them a little tender care this week...  they've developed some black spot, so I need to remove and burn the infected leaves and spray some fungicide on the bushes to prevent it from returning.  I also would like to prune my hydrangea bush and "water dry" the blooms.  Finally, while on the hunt for chrysanthemums in the perfect shade for the front porch, I spotted a large and healthy eucalyptus plant at the nursery for two dollars! I snapped it right up and just need to give it a nice pot and a place on the patio.

I absolutely love following Rebekah Markewich on Instagram and was thrilled when she mentioned that she had resumed blogging.  Matushka Rebekah's photography is stunning and I love the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere that she has created on her social media accounts.

I really enjoyed this video on Getting Dressed in the 18th Century:

In the Kitchen
I thought that the days of peach galettes were gone until next July, but then my friend, Lila, gave me six gorgeous and fragrant peaches on Friday and that's all I've been dreaming of since.  I think that I'll make one this afternoon!

On My Bedside Table
Lately, I have felt drawn to read a mystery and have found just the thing:  The Complete Stories of Miss Marple.  I think that Miss Marple just might be my favorite lady detective!  Agatha Christie wrote quite a few books about Miss Marple, so I have lots to look forward to!

Saturday, September 16

An Overnight Away

The children and I tagged along with Papa for some diocesan meetings and were able to cram quite a bit into a little overnight away.  After dropping him off for the first day's meetings, Friday included a quick lunch at Chipotle, the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. for a quick spin around the exhibits, and an all-too-short visit with my dear friend Lila and her trio of little girls.  Saturday began with Liturgy with the clergy of the diocese, lunch and a little bit of autumn shopping for our long-legged daughter, and a stockpiling at Trader Joe's.  It was a bit of a whirl-wind, but we will be reliving those lovely traveling hours for quite awhile!

Friday, September 15


 My husband was quite a basketball fiend when he was growing up and it seems as if our children are following in his footsteps.  In lieu of the homeschool gym classes that we have taken almost since the start of our homeschooling careers, our older two children have enrolled in a once-a-week basketball clinic (there is a later one for their brother's age bracket).  If they like it, we will continue with the basketball team that begins in November.  It will be a more demanding schedule than we are used to, but I foresee quite a lot of reading and knitting time on the bleachers which I cannot complain about!

Thursday, September 14

Joyous Feast!

O Lord, save Thy people, 
And bless Thine inheritance. 
Grant victories to the Orthodox Christians 
Over their adversaries. 
And by virtue of Thy Cross, 
Preserve Thy habitation.

Monday, September 11

September 11

Memory Eternal!  We happened upon the 9/11 Memorial in Baltimore, Maryland just at about the time that the towers fell in 2001.  The beams on top are from the wreckage of the Twin Towers and the names of those who died from Maryland are engraved in the marble base.  The monument is cleverly situated so that each event on the engraved timeline along the side is illumined by the sun at the exact time it happened on that fateful day in September.

Sunday, September 10

The Renaissance Faire in Photographs

One of our favorite things to do in the autumn is to visit our state's Renaissance Faire.  We all have such a lovely time with lots of fun, food, music, and people watching.  This was the first year that I spent a little time in a costume shop today.  I loved seeing all of the beautiful garments...  many made with natural materials like wool and linen.  The Faire is always a feast for the senses!

Saturday, September 9

A Fairytale Pumpkin in the Autumn

Our farmers' market flower lady sells pumpkins adorned with dried flowers every autumn. This fairytale pumpkin that I bought today is so lovely,  I sprayed the flowers with hairspray to help them keep their color and last as long as possible.

Friday, September 8

Joyous Feast!

Thy Nativity, O Virgin, 
Hast proclaimed joy to the whole universe! 
The Sun of Righteousness, Christ our God, 
Has shone from Thee, O Theotokos! 
By annulling the curse, 
He bestowed a blessing. 
By destroying death, He hast granted us eternal Life.

Thursday, September 7

A Sampling of Needle Arts

We dropped off three pieces for a needle art show and competition that our daughter is participating in.  We cannot wait to see how she does on September 30th!

Wednesday, September 6

A Letter to Grandfather Bear

Grandfather Bear has received this letter by now, so I can share this darling picture and letter by our sweet Little Man.

Sunday, September 3

A Pretty View

I pass this house every so often and I finally stopped to take a photograph of it today.  I love the beautiful grapevines, but I think that my favorite part of this view is the rustic brick wall adorned with wild flowers.  

Our Sunday in Photographs

Saturday, September 2

The Perfect Day

Our Saturday involved a lot of running around, but it was punctuated by a little wander through an antique shop, Ladies in Lavender on the telly, and lots of cozy stormy weather.  In short, the perfect day.

Friday, September 1

Happy New Year!

We came out of our bedroom this morning to find our middle child sound asleep on the floor!  Like a good mother, I fist took photographic evidence of this odd occurrence, and then we woke the poor boy up.  When questions as to why he was asleep in the hallway instead of in his bed, he replied, "I woke up to use the bathroom and was so tired that I just couldn't make it back!"  He maintains that it was a perfectly comfortable place to sleep.  Ha!

I made one of my favorite cool weather breakfasts today:  apple pie oatmeal.  The recipe originates from Bobby Flay, but I simply make the apples his way (omitting the cranberries and salt) and the oatmeal my way, using quick Irish oats and water.  It is a filling and delicious breakfast.

Today is the Church New Year.  Father John served one of my favorite akathists today, Glory to God for All Things.  It was composed by Protopresbyter Gregory Petrov in a Soviet prison camp shortly before his death in 1940.  Reading this akathist is a simply lovely way to begin the New Church Year and our school year.  Here is an excerpt:

O Lord, how lovely it is to be Thy guest. Breeze full of scents; mountains reaching to the skies; waters like boundless mirrors, reflecting the sun's golden rays and the scudding clouds. All nature murmurs mysteriously, breathing the depth of tenderness. Birds and beasts of the forest bear the imprint of Thy love. Blessed art thou, mother earth, in thy fleeting loveliness, which wakens our yearning for happiness that will last for ever, in the land where, amid beauty that grows not old, the cry rings out: Alleluia!
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