Monday, September 18

My Autumn Bucket List

Buy a pumpkin decorated with dried flowers
Pick up chrysanthemums and pumpkins for the porch
Apple picking
Carve a pumpkin
Visit the Renaissance Festival 
Bake a sour cream apple pie
Bake a plum torte
Bonfires on the beach
Pick up a pumpkin shaped beeswax candle
Set up an autumnal nature table
Knit a new shawl
Enjoy apple cider and apple cider slushies
Hunt for interesting mushrooms in the woods (non-edible)
Thanksgiving dinner for my husband's side of the family
Apple cider doughnuts
Dry hydrangeas
Bake apple bread
Visit Longwood Gardens
Plant Bulbs

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

that's a lot of lovely things to enjoy this season! :) <3

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