Monday, November 29

Scenes from Our Sunday Drive


Fresh Eggs

Beautiful eggs from my friend, Mirona. My Trio will have a lovely lunch of egg salad from these! 

Sunday, November 28

Ina's Winter MInestrone

Cooking with Wine


Though my husband and I don't drink alcohol, I do use wine and other spirits in cooking. Did you know that you can freeze wine to use at a later date? I learned that from @nigellalawson. I need half a cup of dry white wine for @inagarten's Winter Minestrone, so the rest of this pretty bottle will be frozen in half cup increments for future recipes.

It was silly to get this sparkly wine collar a few months ago, but I just couldn't resist. I'll be using it when I serve all of the bottles of sparkling apple cider I am stocking in our pantry!

A Finished Knit


I finished the Parkington Blanket! I forget when I cast on, but I think it was late summer. I love the combination of the simple cotton ecru yarn with the fancier black velvet ribbon. It is a gift and I can't wait to give it to the recipient!

Thursday, November 25


I finished up the body of this blanket yesterday and am determined to finish the edging and bind off tomorrow. Did I bring enough yarn with me on our little Thanksgiving getaway to finish in the car before we get home?

Monday, November 22

Early Wrapping


I'm trying to wrap Christmas gifts as I purchase them and I am really enjoying it so much more than I usually do. It's also nice to not have to hide everything now that our children are bigger! 💫💫💫

Sunday, November 14


It's such a lovely autumn! 

Au Revoir


Au revoir to ham and cheese croissants until Christmas. The Nativity Fast starts tomorrow and I am not ready!

Thursday, November 11

Crimson Gold Crabapples


Look at these darling little Crimson Gold crabapples!

Monday, November 8

Saint Michael's Day Party

Our sons participated in our parish's Saint Michael's Day Party yesterday. The dressed up as The Rich Man and Lazarus! I promise our youngest is not as bored as he looks. He is not a fan of photos. 

Saturday, November 6

Saturday Breakfast


This Saturday's pancakes with last Saturday's newspaper.

Tuesday, November 2

Bangers and Mash


We're having Bangers and Mash for dinner last night! I used the recipe from 'recipetineats' as my guide.
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