Saturday, June 30

A Good Bedtime

I had a good post day this week!  A recently released book on the Romanov family finally made it's way to my door and a new to me April Cornell nightie via eBay also arrived.  The book was bedtime reading for my little trio and the nightgown was washed and dried in time for bed!

Friday, June 29

Joyous Feast!

First-enthroned of the apostles, 
 teachers of the universe: 
Entreat the Master of all 
to grant peace to the world, 
and to our souls great mercy!

Tuesday, June 26

At the Dentist

I wish that my dental visits were so life affirming: 

"You're so good, man!" 
"Wow! Look how well you opened your mouth!"
 "You're doing awesome!"
"Baby, you're doing such a good job!" 
"You're amazing!"
 "Are you okay, honey?"

Sunday, June 24

In the Walmart Parking Lot

There was an enormous storm that blew in just before I headed out to do the grocery shopping today.  By the time I pulled into a parking space, the clouds were parting, the sun was shining, and there was a glorious rainbow stretching from the heavens.  

Friday, June 22

Pretty Dish Towels

I love this set of dish towels that our daughter embroidered for a friend and client!

Thursday, June 21


Oh death, where is thy sting?  For Christ is Risen!

Wednesday, June 20

Blueberry Picking

The children and I picked over two gallons of blueberries today!  Now they're all in the freezer ready to be made into delicious treats all autumn and winter long.

Tuesday, June 19

Tick Tock

I really like our fancy new outdoor clock!  It's nice to know what time it is when we're on the patio.

Sunday, June 17

Today, Father, It's Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, dear Papa Bear!  We love you!

Saturday, June 16

I'd Almost Given Up

We have two lace-cap hydrangeas by our front steps and they have hardly bloomed since we planted them five or six years ago...  looks like we'll get a few flowers this year, though!  I had forgotten that they are pink?

Friday, June 15

Who Needs a Truck Stop?

On the way up to visit my parents and father-in-law, I couldn't resist taking a little detour to stop at my favorite store for a little inspiration! 

Thursday, June 14

A Little Overnight

The children and I took a little road trip to visit family while Papa was on a trip to visit his godson this week.  It was lovely to see everyone!  Auntie Anna taught us how to pour beeswax candles and we.  It was really nice to get away from our routines...  even if just for an overnight!  

Wednesday, June 13

A Little Bear Bed

Button bought this wee dolly bed at an antique shop recently.  He'd been looking for a bed fort Peanut for ages and this was perfect.  It came with the little gingham mattress and Sugar Plum sewed a pillow and embroidered a blanket for him to use as well!

Tuesday, June 12

Thirteen Years!

Today is our thirteenth wedding anniversary!  I am so happy that we are married!

Monday, June 11


Our wee French breakfast radish harvest

Sunday, June 10

A New Tablecloth

I ordered this nice length of windowpane cloth in a cotton and linen blend a week or so ago.  Sugar Plum agreed to help me sew the hem on it with her sewing machine once I got it washed, dried, and ironed.  This was the perfect fabric to make our first tablecloth from, as the lines helped us to get everything perfectly straight!  I'm so thrilled with how it turned out!

Thursday, June 7

A Canopy for Her Bed

Her final gift arrived two weeks after her birthday, but it was worth the wait!

Tuesday, June 5

Time with Cousins

My sister, Juliana, is here visiting this week!  It is such fun to spend time with her and my nephew and niece!

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