Saturday, June 2

Saturday Comforts

 While I was out and about today, I bought a little mini cheesecake to indulge in this afternoon.  Saturday is such a nice day to relax and rejuvenate myself after a busy week!  I try to get as many chores done Monday through Friday as I can so that I can keep my Saturday as free as possible!

I drove our little girl to her grandmother's this morning so that she could have a sewing lesson.  We had a few things to return to Target, so I swung by to take care of that and also ended up buying this wonderful little lamp for my dresser. I've had a different one there for years, but it was needed elsewhere.  I love how this one looks...  it really coordinates with our bedroom curtains.  This lamp is a smidge shorter than the other one, so I also ended up hanging a little rabbit tile that I found at a museum gift shop ages ago above it. 

We are expecting quite a bit of rain tonight and tomorrow, so I saved our only blooming Bolero rose from certain death.  It is now gracing my bedside table, where it will scent my dreams tonight.

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New Mom said...

Darling lamp!

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