Tuesday, May 22

Happy Things

I'm still riding high from the Royal Wedding on Saturday.  My favorite photograph from the day was on the front cover of Sunday's New York Times.  I like to read my favorite sections of the paper at breakfast throughout the week and I am saving the piece on the wedding for the last. 

While I was on my hunt for rose bushes to fill the pots on the patio, I visited a nursery by the ocean.  They didn't have what I was looking for, but after a long talk on roses with one of the sales ladies, she showed me the rose bush clearance section where one ragged David Austin rose bush was languishing.  For ten dollars, I was able to bring Charlotte home with me.  She had three buds and one is already starting to bloom.

We have a sun porch in The Rectory that really doesn't get much use unless we have a large church function.  Yesterday, our children moved in a side table, some folding chairs, and twinkle lights from the Christmas bin to play restaurant. Tonight, they are eating their dinner there. The best part about this set-up is that I can spy on them from my bedroom window and admire their sweetness without them even knowing.

Monday, May 21

Extreme British Decor

I've stung up this Union Jack banner from our Royal Wedding Tea Party in the Dining Room.  It might be a bit much, but I just love it!

Sunday, May 20

Queen Elizabeth and Romantica Bolero

Of the five rose bushes we bought last June, only one made in through the winter.  I've spent the last few weeks slowly replacing the four dead ones.  I found two Queen Elizabeth rose bushes at Home Depot for $8 a few weeks ago and have been looking everywhere for Romantica Bolero rose bushes to replace the final two.  I remembered that there was a fancier nursery about half an hour away and was delighted to find that they had several in stock.  Happily, they were blooming and laden with buds when I bought them, so we have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks!

Saturday, May 19

Scenes from Our Royal Tea Party

A Dozen Cakes in 2018: May

I made a Victoria Sponge for our Royal Wedding tea party today.  I used a recently posted recipe from The Kitchn and while it looked pretty, it was dry and disappointing.  I spread strawberry preserves on the top of the bottom layer and topped that with whipped cream and sliced strawberries.  After placing the top layer on the cake, I dusted everything is powdered sugar and our daughter found a perfect strawberry to grace the top of the confection. 

 Do you have a Victoria Sponge cake recipe that you would recommend?

Friday, May 18

Preparations for a Royal Tea Party

The children and I went out to our favorite grocery store after lessons were finished today to buy several items for the tea party we are planning to enjoy during the Royal Wedding tomorrow.  We also bought some gorgeous flowers to grace the tea table and I spent a lovely few minutes arranging them in a mustard crock.  I have spent all the years of my flower arranging adult life avoiding baby's breath, but something made me pick up a little bunch to go with the tulips and hydrangea.  I have to say that I love how it all looks together!

Thursday, May 17

Joyous Feast!

O Christ God, Thou hast ascended in Glory, 
Granting joy to Thy disciples by the promise of the Holy Spirit. 
Through the blessing they were assured 
That Thou are the Son of God, 
The Redeemer of the world!

Tuesday, May 15

Fun in Connecticut

We spent today in New Haven, Connecticut so that Father John could take on a video job at an Orthodox Church there.  While he was busy, the children and I walked around the area by Yale University.  We wandering into several bookstores, ate Chipotle for lunch and crepes for dessert at a darling little French stall in the shopping area, and took a stroll through the Yale Center for British Art.  It was a lovely few hours!

We decided to head home straight from Connecticut, which meant that we were driving from 3 pm to about 10:30 pm.  Most of the trip was spent driving through pouring rain, wind, thunder and lighting.  It was quite hair-raising.  about an hour from home, we got a bit ahead of it...  of course it hit again a little after we returned home and stormed all night!

Saturday, May 12

Packing for a Short Trip

I'm packing up for a short trip to visit family Sunday through Wednesday and enjoyed choosing some warm-weather things for my suitcase.  I'v packed some simple tee-shirts, two linen blouses, a light sweater, a long white linen skirt, a rose colored linen skirt, a black knit pencil skirt, and a pair of skinny jeans.  I'll also be bringing a lightweight coat, a scarf, a straw hat, sandals, and black flats with a pointy-toe.

Friday, May 11


 I went out to the pharmacy to buy some medicine for my husband and found these lovely double petal tulips near the checkout counter.  How could I resist?

Thursday, May 10

National Museum of American History

Though we've been in The National Museum of American History before, we had never looked at the exhibit on the Pesidents and First Ladies.  Our daughter and I enjoyed looking at the gowns and china that were on display so much. It is amazing to see the difference in fashion throughout the history of our country!

Wednesday, May 9


Have you ever been tempted by pretty packaging?  I was yesterday.  I saw this tiny chocolate bar in it's chic wrapper and couldn't resist it.  We opened it up at the hotel last night and each took a morsel.  It was the worst chocolate I have ever had.  Ugh.  I did save the wrapper as a bookmark, though!

Cezanne, Pissaro, and Morisot

When we arrived at The Air and Space Museum, I asked my family if it was okay if I took a little solo trip to The National Gallery of Art.  Happily, they said yes!  I crossed the National Mall and climbed the huge stone steps and breathed a sigh of happiness.  I love The National Gallery of Art!  I quickly found one of the current exhibits, Cezanne Portraits, and enjoyed viewing those very much!  On my way out, I also saw some of my favorites by Camille Pissaro and Berthe Morisot.  Although I missed my little people very much, it was amazing to be able to stand in front of these masterpieces for whole minutes at a time and not be dragged away too quickly by eager hands.  
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