Tuesday, May 8

The Feast of Saint Emilia

Today was my namesday!  My husband had a little work to do in Washington D.C., so the children and I tagged along.  While he was working, I took the children to have an early lunch and to do a little walking around in some shops that we don't have where we live (The Container Store, Sur la Table, and World Market).  Our little girl bought a light summer bathrobe at World Market and I found some Dala Horse Swedish gummy candies that we like there as well.  On our way to pick up my husband, who was running a little late, we were able to pop into Whole Foods.  I chose a slice of fruity cheesecake for the children and me to share and a chocolate cake ball for Father John to enjoy after his lunch.  After Father was finished with his work, we drove to The Air and Space Museum and The National Gallery of Art for a few hours of wandering.  I chose Shake Shack for my namesday dinner and it was delicious!  We'll have a little more sightseeing tomorrow as s family and then we'll head home around lunchtime.

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