Tuesday, May 15

Fun in Connecticut

We spent today in New Haven, Connecticut so that Father John could take on a video job at an Orthodox Church there.  While he was busy, the children and I walked around the area by Yale University.  We wandering into several bookstores, ate Chipotle for lunch and crepes for dessert at a darling little French stall in the shopping area, and took a stroll through the Yale Center for British Art.  It was a lovely few hours!

We decided to head home straight from Connecticut, which meant that we were driving from 3 pm to about 10:30 pm.  Most of the trip was spent driving through pouring rain, wind, thunder and lighting.  It was quite hair-raising.  about an hour from home, we got a bit ahead of it...  of course it hit again a little after we returned home and stormed all night!

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