Wednesday, April 1

Tales from Exile: 1 April

Our daughter has been really enjoying all of this free time to create. She finished knitting this darling wee lamb (the pattern is by @mamma4earth). She accidentally left him in our room a couple of nights ago, so I've just been setting him in the center of our bed ever since.

I bought some tomatoes on the vine last week that were terrible. Since I didn't want to waste them, I found a recipe for tomato sauce and it is delicious. Google 'Feasting at Home simple oven-roasted tomato sauce'. I didn't have fresh herbs or a shallot, so I used dried seasonings and half an onion. I don't have a potato masher, but a slotted spoon worked just fine. I also didn't bother to peel the tomatoes. It is amazing... especially on a piece of homemade bread, lightly toasted.
I finished the first sleeve of my sweater this evening! Casting on for the second as soon as possible...  hopefully tonight!

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