Tuesday, March 31

Tales from Exile: 31 March

Before going to do our week's grocery shopping today, I stopped at a local farm cart (no human contact) and bought these beautiful blooms.  As long as the flower farmer has flower's for sale, I am going to get some. It is lovely to have them and to help support a small business.

Grocery shopping is an anxiety producing experience to be sure. When all of this started, I was going out twice a week to stock up on necessities and try to find hard to get things (like eggs, milk, and toilet paper).  Things are getting bad enough, however, that we have decided to drop down from two trips to one. I am quite nervous about being able to get what we need in one trip. I wasn't able to find everything this week, but we are making do. Once I came home with the groceries, I wiped everything down with Clorox wipes, threw my clothes in the wash, and took a bath.  It is honestly so exhausting to get food. 

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