Saturday, March 28

Tales from Exile: 28 March

Saturdays were my favorite day of the week before our exile began, but now it is almost like every day is a Saturday.  I most resent Sundays...  there is no Liturgy (just Typika) and no post, which brings me delight on the other six days of the week.

Anyway, today I woke to grey skies, so it seemed like the perfect time to put on The Secret Garden, which we watch every spring.  I spent the first few minutes making newspaper cups for our herb and flower seeds, which felt quite fitting. By the time it was over, the rain was gone and it was a good day to play outside.

I finished the body of my sweater tonight, while we had Bible Study via Zoom. I try to keep my knitting below the table so that it doesn't distract the other participants.  We had Reader's Vespers afterward and I will try to cast on to the first sleeve once the children are in bed.

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