Friday, March 20

Tales from Exile: 20 March

I woke up this morning and immediately went outside to walk in the very Spring-like weather.  The sun was out, the sky blue, and there was a breeze.  It was also quite warm...  too warm for the sweater I threw on over my leggings and tunic. I spent some time on the phone with my father-in-law who's in quarantine in New Jersey. I am so grateful for the long driveway and wide parking lot in which I am able to walk each day.

Breakfast was an English muffin and tea. I've been drinking cups and cups of hot tea (mostly Bigelow Lemon Lift, with the occasional Bellocq tea bag of The Queen's Guard for good measure...  I'm close to running out and will have to place an order soon). Today I opted for peach iced tea. The children are eating their meal in the living room while watching a documentary on Amelia Earhart. I'm going to count that as history for school. I remember being fascinated with mysteries like this myself at their age. One of the ones I was most interested in was the Lindbergh baby mystery.

Our daughter has been working on a redesign of the art on her tissue box for the past two days.  It is so pretty! She made a prototype yesterday and them improved the design of the box, the artwork, and art medium (originally she chose colored pencil, but turned to watercolors for a better look). I absolutely love it!

Our middle son is doing a Lego Challenge with their church friend.  The take turns coming up with a theme, create their design, and then meet on video chat to show them off.  I'm so impressed with their creativity and it gives them something fun to do for several hours each day.

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