Thursday, March 19

Tales from Exile: 19 March

We received a box from Amazon today.  It took longer to get then usual, which was good because it gave us something to look forward to longer.  I ordered Little Women for our daughter to read. She has been watching the new version of Little Women almost every day since we started our quarantine, so I think she'll love reading the book. I'm not sure what happened to my childhood copy...  it had been a gift from my uncle's mother, Grandma Fran, and I loved it's tattered pages.  Hopefully it will turn up again! 

I also ordered a travel version of the game backgammon.  I was inspired to learn to play by all of the posts that Alexandra Tolstoy devotes to the game. The rules seem completely mind boggling, so it is the perfect game to learn while there is nothing to distract us!

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