Saturday, March 21

Tales from Exile: 21 March

Happiest of birthdays to my beloved better half and the father of our children! We see all that you do to help our family, our parish, and everyone you meet and are so grateful! You are a wonderful man and we are happy that you are ours. May God grant you many years!


I took a long ramble around the Rectory Gardens and found so many daffodils blooming today. One thing that quarantine forces one to do is to take a deeper interest in one's surroundings. I have watched these daffy-down-dillys unfurl their petals one by one each day. Normally, I'd only noticed them once their blooms were fully developed. This year, however, I have immersed myself in their loveliness in each and every stages of their blooming period.

We made apple blueberry crisp for Father John's birthday. It was exquisite: not too sweet and not too tart. I think fresh (not frozen) blueberries make an impact. I also left it in the oven a little longer that usual and it was perfectly crisp and browned on top.

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