Monday, June 13

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


In The News
If you enjoyed the illustrations that peppered beloved children's books like The Little House series, Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, and more, than you will enjoy this recent article from The New Yorker on the legacy of Garth Williams.

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
Last Saturday, I was in Vermont holding sweet, little Vivienne and eating the most delectable sour cream coffee cake with my sister, Juliana.  I just had to try my hand at making some and so I found a recipe on King Arthur Flour Company that fit the bill.  I've already tweaked the recipe the second time around, adding blueberries and more of the lovely cinnamon sugar topping (an extra half recipe of the topping).  It is so delicious!

On My Bedside Table
I decided to give Anya Seton another whirl after reading Dragonwyck a few weeks ago.  Katherine is the story of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, the ancestors of most of the British royal family.  It i really a great book and I am really enjoying it.  Thank you to Dianna for suggesting it!

The Blogging World
Dear Kyrie is blogging again!  I am so happy to have her words to read and learn from.

I loved reading this quick article about how French women eat.  It is interesting to compare American culture surrounding food with that of Europe.  There is a lot of glean from them in terms of a healthy relationship with food that I hope to emulate. 


kyrie said...

Someday, we'll have that podcast! xo

Dianna said...

Thank you for the links you shared. There's a lot to learn from the French! Also, I'm glad you're enjoying Katherine. It completely blew me away. I haven't read anything else by Anya Seton yet.

julie said...

Thanks for the coffee cake recipe! We had a church meeting last night and I needed something for dessert, and your cake sounded like JUST THE THING! It was a hit with grownups and kids alike.

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