Monday, February 18

'Tis the 'Flu

Oh, dear.  I started to get worse this afternoon, so my husband and I took a trip to the doctor. It was confirmed that I have the 'flu...  despite getting a jab in October.  The nurse says that having had the inoculation will help make the time I am sick shorter.  I'm also taking Tamiflu, as well.

Of course being sick is unpleasant,  but I am most worried about our daughter contracting it.  She is on a drug that suppresses her immune system, so she's very likely to catch whatever germs come her way.  If she does, it could mean (and most likely will) that she will have a Crohn's flare. We just got her last one under control a few days ago.

Anyway, please pray for her if you think of it!


~Mrs.J~ said...


Out My window said...

I will certainly pray for her, I have been on the same drug she is on and the funny thing is I really other than colds have been pretty healthy. Just wash your hands and get the boys to do the same. Bless you my friend.

Fir Inna said...

“Drink Holy water as often as possible.
This is the best and most effective drug.
I say this not only as a priest, but also as a doctor. From my medical experience.»—(Saint Luke Of Crimea.). What is the name of your daughter in baptism?

elizabeth said...

we are praying for you dear one!

Blog Author said...

Prayers. I understand your concern. My husband has ulcerative colitis, and catching an illness could mean a week in the hospital and months out of work with no pay. We are still struggling under the mountain of credit card debt because of 5 years of these flares amounting to losing 2 years worth of income within that 5 year time frame...not to mention paying for the medical bills not covered by insurance, and prescription meds that cost as much as a car payment per month. So, any germs that come our way are scary. It is one of the reasons we are going to homeschool again. Our kiddos have brought home from public school so many diseases we never even heard of before.

Thankfully, the Lord blessed hubby with good health this winter.

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