Monday, April 2

Great and Holy Monday

What a day of joy this Great and Holy Monday is!  Our newest nephew was born today!  We've gathered a basket of tiny baby things from the attic to post to my sister.  I cannot wait to see him wearing these wee things that the four older boys in the family wore.

I changed around our little feastday shelf this morning.  The hyacinth and muscari from Annunciation are blooming beautifully and scenting the house with  their heady fragrance.  I left the sheep up and put out our Holy Week and Pascha children's book.  I adore the illustrations in this slim volume.

Our oldest two children have been drawing icons during the Bridegroom services this week, while their little brother colors some in from the Potamitis Press coloring book line.  It's been wonderful to see how hard they work on their icons.


The Icon of the Mother of God was drawn by Sugar Plum, Age 11

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