Thursday, April 19


Thursdays are our busy days:  school, violin lessons for three, and basketball for the older two kids.  I like to try to make really filling meals for days like this so that I am not tempted to get fast food while we're out.  I wanted Chipotle in the worst way tonight, but settled for salad and pizza at 8pm.

We've been reading a lot lately.  I have been enjoying Howard's End as an audiobook.  It's been great to have it to listen to in spare moments.  Little Man and I have been reading The Wheel on the School this month as part of our language arts curriculum and it has been so enjoyable that all three children beg to listen in!  It is such a great story! Little Man is also devouring Ben Hatke's graphic novels (so much so that I regularly find him awake reading well past his bedtime.  

I've been loving small knitting projects lately!  It is quite satisfying to cast on and finish something in just a few days.  That being said, I am on the final knitting "to do" in my queue and need to figure out what will be next! 


Maria said...

That pizza looks delicious! said...

I've not heard of that book - Howard's End. I looked up the link and it does sound like a nice one.

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