Sunday, June 12

Seventeen Years

We had some wedding anniversary ice cream and stroll through some of our town's streets! I'm so glad the rain stopped so that we could have our date.
Today is our seventeenth wedding anniversary! Normally, I make a joke out of it and remind Father John V Parsells how many years he's done of his life sentence, but this year he wrote me a beautiful tribute, so that seems wrong somehow.
I am so thankful to be thisbo man's wife. He is a spectacular husband. He forgives me for my many failings, cheers me up when I am low, loves me through thick and thin, and is such an amazing father to our children. He is everything I ever wanted and more than I ever dreamed of!
I love you, John! Happy Anniversary! You've been a great cellmate these last seventeen years! #notimeoffforgoodbehavior


Mary said...

Hi! My comment is a question and off topic for this posting but hope it will work here. I am an Orthodox Christian in West Virginia and really love your blog. Here's my question. I had read in years past that you homeschooled your children and re-visiting your blog today, somewhere I read a post about your work as a substitute teacher, which I really enjoy doing myself. Did I miss something or how are you homeschooling and working as a sub.? God bless you and your beautiful family.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi, Mary! We homeschooled our children up to seventh grade and now they all attend school. Since I studied to teach, but I didn't want to take on the responsibility of full time work, subbing felt like a great opportunity!

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