Thursday, December 27

More Brekkie and Knitting

 My sweet little middle son bought me a special mug as his Christmas present.  I love that he chose one with an "M" on it for "Mama".  He said that he thought about choosing one with an "E", but it didn't seem right since no one here calls me "Emily".  I will treasure my Mama mug always.

I am still working on Christmas presents.  I decided to knit my godchildren a little something to go with a wrapped gift,  Unfortunately, I bought yarn and was unable to actually work on the four projects until today.  The first gift I finished was the first of three Classic Kerchiefs.  The pattern is quick and easy to follow.  Hopefully the other two and a wee bonnet will fly off the needles before I see my little ones for Nativity.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

what a special mug! so sweet!!!

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